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the mad rush to Eagle before 2014

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    I don't think I could sign off on an Eagle application for a Scout I knew was leaving in January because of the policy change. If I were sitting on an Eagle Board with a young man in that position, I'd ask a lot the questions about exactly what Scouting means to him and why the award would still be meaningful.


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      My son and his patrol will probably skew the statistics. Son turns 18 in April. High school senior sending out college applications this month. Finished project and all other requirements about 6 months ago. Turns out one teacher never sent in their letter. Tracked down the missing letter and had SM conference this week. Gay issue and cooking MB have no play in the matter. Been in scouting since Wolf. 11 years of scouting. He is last guy in his patrol to finish up his Eagle. In the last 4 months, three patrol mates also wrapped up their final requirements. All turn 18 within 6 months. All have been in scouting since cubs. Patrol of 9, all earned Eagle with about half within the last year. One member of the patrol has a brother who also earned his Eagle in the same troop couple years ago. Aged out and is now openly Gay.

      Yeah all will leave scouting in the next several months due to age and in the fall all will head off to college. Amazing and diverse group of young men.

      Regardless of the reason behind the immediate need to finish up for those lads the original poster is worrying about, the lads will have completed all the requirements just like all other Eagle Scouts. They had to progress through the program and be exposed to the morals, ethics, and adults who live the the life. When they mature and move out into the "real" world they will look back and remember the great times they had as a Scout. Those lads were molded, shaped and matured under a good system. Parents may be pushing them to finish due to the parents reasons but the lads have benefited regardless of the reason driving them to finish now.

      Not many 15-17 yr olds are willing to tell their parents to stuff it and refuse to finish something the boy probably wants to finish anyway. Looming changes in policy just provide an excuse to finish. I say hold judgement until after the first of the year. Ask the boys who don't return if they miss scouting. If they stayed in long enough and were active enought to earn their Eagle, I bet you all will say they miss scouting.


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        Oh come on resqman; we need to over analyze and make more of things than really needs to be done because National is out to destroy the program. Don't you understand? If you follow the rest of the three or four forums that continue to have regular postings, all of them seem to have axes to grind and are full of "chicken little" pronouncements. Get with the program.

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      Sorry Skeptic, I forgot the forum is about whinning how national is killing everything. The lads in the troop I serve don't receive the releases from national and only know that there is a campout this month that is going to be fun. They get to hang out with their friends and play in the woods, paddle the waters, climb the rocks or other challenging stuff. The SPL and PLC plan a cooking contest every campout. Yes, every campout not just a once a year thing. Past menu items have included salmon cooked on cedar planks, Chinese from scratch, using box and dutch ovens, and other similar skill level items. Not because it was a MB requirement, but because they earned bragging rights that their Sat evening meal was better than all the other patrols.

      How often do nine boys stay together in scouts for 11 years and all earn Eagle? Most attend all three high adventure bases? Half are BSA Lifeguards? Parents and adults can berate, whin, and nag but the boys still have to do some of the work themselves. They don't stay in until they age out because Mom said so, they stay in because they are having fun.

      Boys drop out of scouts all the time for all sorts of reasons. This is just the most recent outcry over the current politcial hot button.

      Again, I apologize. Now returning you to the regularly scheduled teeth nashing and second guessing about the demise of civilization...