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  • Boys' Life Wayback Machine

    I've been reading old issues of Boys' Life on the wayback machine. Kinda cool! You can read Green Bar Bill's stories and enjoy articles with some meat in them. I find it hard to get too excited about the current Boys' Life issues that arrive in my mailbox...

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    Very Groovy,


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      This is great! Thanks for posting.

      FYI, the entire run is also available for viewing on Google Books.


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        Those old Boys' Life magazines had some really good Scout skills information and a lot of neat stories. I saved all of mine for years and then sold them to a collector prior to a major move. Thanks for pointing this out, LeCastor!


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          I'm surprised there isn't some kind of copyright infringement for use of "Wayback Machine"...or maybe BSA is paying royalties to Ted Key and Jay Ward. Anyone know?


          • jblake47
            jblake47 commented
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            I'm sure Ted Key and Jay Ward have the issue well in hand. After all, they are the only ones who can sue on their copyright infringement. I'm sure if they did, the media would have picked it up by now.

          • WAKWIB
            WAKWIB commented
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            Those fellas have been dead awhile. No doubt, done in by the evil Boris and Natasha.

          • packsaddle
            packsaddle commented
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            Yeah , that's where my money would be too. But Mr. Peabody is on that list as well, an experiment with the Wayback Machine gone tragically wrong, lol.

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          Originally posted by Bando View Post
          This is great! Thanks for posting.

          FYI, the entire run is also available for viewing on Google Books.
          Yep, the Wayback on BL's site actually just loads the Google Books scans into a frame, including blank Google ad box.

          Has anyone figured out a way to print from it? I've been using it for a couple years but I haven't found a good way to print so that I can, ya know, use it anywhere except my desk.

          Also, does anyone know if the British scouting mag "The Scout" has an online archive? I haven't been able to find one, and virtually no old copies on eBay. The super-generic name has made Googling it a real PIA.


          • skeptic
            skeptic commented
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            I ended up doing a "screen shot" of something from the archive that related to my interest, but it was not easy, and I had to cut and paste manually. But am not a computer expert, so may have overlooked the obvious.

            Have not seen any British archive, but it may be hiding someplace.

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          For Skeptic. This is how I do it. Hit the "Print Screen" key on my keyboard. Open MS Paint. Click on paste. Your screen shot will appear. Do with it as you will, or leave it alone. "Save as.." a .jpeg or something else (I think jpeg is more universal and easy to work with.