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Milk and Cookies at Den/pack meetings?

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    Picky eaters of the world, unite!

    If the kid/Cub/Scout has his blood sugar level elevated by "snacks" at the time when he should have had a real meal (dinner) of some sort, how is his growing body going to get used to the idea of "eat" play/work rest eat play/work rest.? If it is always eat play eat play eat play, the body gets accustomed to never having to utilize stored reserves, always using "instant" supplies. Where is the nutrition? "eat your vegetables", in essence, the body doesn't WANT the veggies, it feels sated already. This leads, I believe, to poor nutrition and poor stamina.. Even a PB&J on the way to the event is better than a Lil Debbie .

    Granted, in this age of two income households and no one there to have dinner ready when the wage earner(s) come in the door,, but those wage earners need to realize the example they are setting for Johnny Cub.

    I think the idea of a potluck or even a (cheaply) catered meal for the Scout families is a good one, if the organizers can make it work equitably among everyone involved.. A 7:30pm Pack meeeting should allow for a smallish, informal family meal before the meeting, if the families are willing to make the effort , my sympathies to Base for his seemingly poorly received act of charity turned into advantage taking episode. If you have a regularly occurring event (Pack meeting) and there are some folks that need the help, perhaps arrangements can ber made with the local Safeway for a discounted roast chicken dinner combo, f'rinstance.

    When I coached my daughters soccer team, it was arranged that the snacks were good ones (usually cheese crackers, or PBJ crackers), the drinks were ONLY water. And because, I think , we were well nurished, (other teams had sugary cookies) , that was part of the reason we did so well thru three seasons.


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      I can see the point of providing (or having parents provide) something if it is directly after school. Kids have been going for a while without any food.. Of course this is thinking back to my school years where after lunchtime, you were in class with nothing extra to eat until school ended.. Now if your school is calling hourly snack breaks... WELL. Phoohey.. But yes when son was in an after school program, there was snack.. Later when he came home before we got out of work, my kitchen always showed evidence of a self made snack.

      Basement, I agree, they got way too greedy.. So after that it's feed your kid something he will eat.. But, honestly I guess I am mean, because that would have been my first choice rather then buying everyone hotdogs.. Talking to parents to make sure starving Johnny ate something before he came, so his hunger pangs were not a distraction on the group activity.. I am just heartless.


      • Basementdweller
        Basementdweller commented
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        remember who I serve. They honestly might not eat dinner.

      • moosetracker
        moosetracker commented
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        True we do live in different areas.. And different circumstances maybe, like the pack doesn't have much in it's account anyway.. And I personally am feeling pinched by this recession.. So those two taps for us would be dry as a bone..

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      I used to say I was opposed to snacks. Eat before or after the meeting. Some of the mom's insisted but I just let them do it during a lecture time.


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        After school den meetings, healthy snack on a rotation provided by parents. Sometimes to-go snacks in ziplocks before go-see its. Got to keep snack time to 15 minutes, especially those 9 and 10 year old boys can eat a meal after school. Pack meetings sometimes potluck prior, sometimes a sweet treat after the program on the way out the door.

        The elementary school schedules I'm familiar with have morning snack and lunch, with the snack phasing itself out by 4-5-6 grade.

        Pack leadership can correct anything the DE stated incorrectly at recruitment. What the DE says doesn't commit the volunteers to anything.


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          You've just discovered why nearly 40% of children in America are overweight or obese. Kids don't need to eat every hour, on the hour, yet society keeps feeding them. Snacks isn't really about providing food anymore, it's about competition among the parents, each trying to outdo the previous parent. Don't allow snacks at den meetings, it takes time out of the program &/or makes for longer meetings. If parents insist on feeding their child hourly, they'll have to do it in the car on their own time.


          • jpstodwftexas
            jpstodwftexas commented
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            Are you saying we are getting Fat because we served Healthy Snacks?

            Well we served Carrots, Apple Slices, Grapes, Celery Sticks..yikes even Fresh Broccoli pieces ...Great Now we have a reason to save money on wasted healthy snacks and get the Cheaper Ding Dongs and Twinkies. Time out of Den Meetings, You mean we should not have served the Snacks as we were leaving we should have been doing during the Meeting..My Cub Scout Leader's Handbook never told me that..Man I never knew that after retiring the Flags and saying the Closing..That ByTake a few minutes to say good Night and letting the Cub Scouts grab a few Snacks on the way out the Door was wrong. I guess we were wrong for for enjoying Cub Scouts..Refreshment in My Scouting Experience has always been at the End of The Meetings, Never During...

            My Second Year as Den Leader the Parents had started Hosting meetings in their Homes..Since there was no Fence around the Scout Hut and they wanted the Boys to be able to run around outside besides in the street. The Boys were actually losing Weight because they were more active..We went to the Park several times a Month..We went to Gyms, we went to the Pool..We Went fishing..So no My Boys were not Couch Potato Junk Food Junkie

            My Den Meetings usually Lasted 2 Hours...and even the parents still wanted to hang around..I have even been asked to come back to run my Old Den because the Scouts miss our meetings and my Style. I had 5 Tigers My First Year..I Had 5 returned wolves when I left. This year as Bears only 1 returned to Den, 2 transferred and sadly 2 Quit. Seems Now they don't like scouting as much when it is Rushed, and No Fun and Fellowship. They Consolidated dens for the Bears because the Pack has 6 Bears. Between Cub Master, assistant Cub Master and Myself Leaving, pack seems to be in trouble. From almost 60 Active Cub Scouts down to about 22 Active..Something went Wrong I will say.

            I admit we did splurge and get Cup Cakes when Boys in the Den had a Birthday..

            Something Tells Me I was Respected by My Cub Scouts and Their Families, when They run Up and Give you a Hug, when I attend events to take pictures, and their parents shake your Hand.

          • moosetracker
            moosetracker commented
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            jptexas - no on is personally beating up on you. Others have stated they also give snacks (healthy or otherwise),, So far I think the opinion about snacks is evenly divided.. Maybe 3/4 are with you for if you are going to serve something it should be healthy. But I don't think anyone is being personally attacked, just a difference of opinion is all..

            Sounds like you ran a great den meeting, but some people in your shoes would serve snacks and some wouldn't for various reasons.. Simple as that.

          • NeverAnEagle
            NeverAnEagle commented
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            jpstodwftexas: I don't like the idea of serving healthy snacks because with parents it tends to devolve into a competition for the "best snacks." It's not just scouting I've seen it in sports too. Parents may start out bringing carrots or orange wedges, but it escalates. I had to enforce a no snack rule where parents were showing up with coolers to make root beer floats; handing out huge slices of cake; and passing out "snack bags" with chips, candy, and soda. Then you had the parents who refused to bring snacks and tried intimidating/humiliating other parents in front of the kids. I had one mom loudly announce that she shouldn't have to bring snacks because her tax dollars paid for another mom's (single parent) food stamps! She insisted that because the other woman received food stamps she should be required to bring snack every week to pay back the tax money that the other parents contributed to her food allowance. I don't know whether or not the single mom received food stamps, but even if she did that other woman was out of line. The safest path is to stay clear of snacks, period.

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          When I was an 80s cub we got Kool Aid and cookies and Den meetings and Pack meetings, Blue & Gold Banquet was full on buffett dinner in the army mess hall. In the Troop it was up to us to get something to drink if we spent most meeting outside running around playing capture the flag or something. As a scouter I tried to restart this cookies n drink thing but it never took off again. I really liked it though. Although being an adult now I do agree fruit would of course be better. In NZ the kids just got water. When taking cubs on a an outing Ive had a backpack full of capri suns with me :-D


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            Just Glad Yall were not My Leaders
            I never Had the Competition On who brought the Best and Most Snacks for Den Meetings and They Never interfered with the Meeting...sorry to hear about yalls problems but If I do Cub Scouts again..>Snacks will be served as always.


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              Almost never at pack meetings. Once in awhile as a treat at a den meeting. My guys are at the Webelo level and sometimes if I need some quieter time with them sitting and talking I'll bring a snack. So at the end of the meeting, grab a drink and a snack and we'll sit and eat and play a game of some sort that practices reciting scout law, oath, motto, etc..They seem to be able to concentrate more while sitting and eating.


              • King Ding Dong
                King Ding Dong commented
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                Teaching them to talk with their mouths full of food ?

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              If you want to end snacks...

              Give each of them a can of monster and a snickers bar just before the meeting is over.

              I think that will end the snack demands from the parents.


              • koolaidman
                koolaidman commented
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                That would work. I was angling at the other extreme. Make it all health crunchy vegetables with a cool glass of water. Rightly or wrongly, the scouts would most likely lose interest in snack time.