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  • YO Q you bad boy

    Over on Bryan making all those RAH RAH scouters feel bad....Congrats on all the thumbs down votes..... I think I have you beat with 19 currently

    I am entertained by all of the uneducated folks over there.....I am getting beat up currently because I asked them to show me where it says a uniform is required.
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    Hey, I thought I was a RA RA scouter!
    • I cheer scouts when they look at the inspection sheet (the same one I used many decades ago) and make their own decisions.
    • I reserve flowers and imported chocolate for moms who care for our boys (whose hips the chumps on Fashion Star would never dare put in any BSA uni).
    • I make the best coffee in the world for guys who forgo that much-needed overtime to haul gear and boys and camp us. (And I pack some Earl Grey for the weak-stomached.)
    • I revere the woman who will gently teach females youth about backpacking hygiene so they get the courage to set aside all those H&BA for a few days to discover the Beautiful, so that the next time they are in church, those songs actually have the grand meaning they deserve.
    • I respect anyone with the stones to say, "We don't need to waste National's ink for this. Let's use what's already written, and work the program from there."
    Pardon me, if I don't join in helping the log-eyed pull motes.


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      A number of my post regarding required uniforming all of a sudden say awaiting moderation and not visible to the public.


      • Scouter99
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        How many did you write? I can see at least 32, maybe the rest are awaiting moderation because 15 was enough. :P

      • Basementdweller
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        figured they were slated to be deleted

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      Originally posted by qwazse View Post
      Hey, I thought I was a RA RA scouter!
      • I cheer scouts when they look at the inspection sheet (the same one I used many decades ago) and make their own decisions.
      Then they're already several decades out of date Arguing that you use the inspection sheet and that's enough is not an argument against changes in uniform policy, since the inspection sheet you use now is different than the one that was used before it.

      The uniform inspection sheet already goes into minutiae like "the top button is never buttoned" and the insignia guide already goes into the over/under neckerchief question. It already addresses personal issues like combed hair. So if your vaunted inspection sheet already addresses minutiae, then you don't have a leg to stand on in using it to argue against tucked in shirts.

      What this boils down to is innate differences between how the sexes operate. Men gravitate toward abstract notions of justice (policies that apply equally across the board) while women focus on individual circumstance (but I'm a special snowflake). BSA could hire Michael Kors to design the best darn female uniform shirt on the planet and if he designed it to be tucked, there would be many women who still wouldn't tuck it, and if he designed it to be untucked, there would be many who would tuck it anyway.
      On top of this psychological difference you add in post-modern fluff like "I want to feel beautiful and confident" and "my body is so strange that I need a custom uniform" and there's your herd of cats.

      The most annoying patch policeman I know manages to annoy someone in our troop at least once a month, and I can't imagine even him bothering a woman under the special circumstances they keep bringing up because that's exactly what they are, special circumstances and people recognize/understand that. The other 99.99% of the time, a policy is a policy.
      And, like you said, they're the ones that asked.


      • qwazse
        qwazse commented
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        Not LITERALLY the same one. Every sheet I've seen has the drawing of a boy with the shirt tucked in. So, if the SPL asks you, give him the sheet and say "what do you think?"

        I don't mind having SPL's get together and hash out where one or the other as "drifted" a little from standard. I just don't like the thought of someone coming down on a group of boys who actually made an effort to be uniform and still look sharp even if we can't see their belt buckles.

        Among scouters, this kind of stuff is fine to hash out on blogs like these, but to have an edict from National is just not worth the extra $9/year that I'm gonna be paying.

        I personally appreciate the folks who've corrected my insignia placement over the years. In fact, I got one knot that was missewn as a granny, and the guy who tried to help me orient it and I had a laugh when we realized it, the DE was gonna get me a replacement, but I said "No Way! I want to spend my life looking for the other scouters with the same second on their shirt!"

      • NeverAnEagle
        NeverAnEagle commented
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        I guess I'm missing something. There are different uniforms for women? Our Scout store only carries one type of uniform, listed by waste size. Women here how have hips just wear a belt, but everyone is in the same uniform and I our troop at least everyone's shirt is tucked in, be it worn by a man, woman, or child.

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      When I was in Troop 6 NWTC 587 we had a Year Long Competition...Called HONOR SCOUT..Where you Earned Points towards HONOR SCOUT. Uniform Inspection was conducted every Meeting. Your score was based on the Uniform Inspection Sheet signed by Scoutmaster. If you matched the Picture you got the points, if Not you Lost Points..Now keep in Mind we also got Points for attending Church, Attending Scout Activities..Earning Merit Badges and Ranks, Participation in School Activities, Civic ativities

      First Meeting In January Troop Members would Tally the Points earned the Previous Year.1st Place 100% Philmont paid For, 2nd Place 1/2 Philmont 100% Summer Camp, 3rd Place 100% Summer Camp paid for, 4th Place 75% Summer Camp paid for
      My First Year in the Troop without a Complete Uniform I came in 4th place because I Attended 100% activities, so The Competition was Fair.

      This is a Tradition I hope to revive.

      Having to define something in writing is why scouting is getting to pushy to some. Of Course all the Rebels who push the limits who Cry "where does it say I can or Can't do it this way?" is causing trouble also..there seems to Be NO COMMON SENSE any more...Zipper down..common since says "ZIP IT" Never had anyone say "Hey the BSA rules says you have to Zip your Zipper"


      • Basementdweller
        Basementdweller commented
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        I don't like a reward system for anything.

        Your unit must be flush in cash. We could never afford to award $2k a year to the boys for any reason.

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      I thought we had some stupid debates here. The tucked/not tucked debate takes the cake.


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        You should see some of the rock head stuff that goes on over there.

        Kudu is over there getting bet up as well.

        What worries me the most is that website is a link from facebook and I fear that group is more representative of what is going on in scouting than is forum......

        I am going to say that represents the .00001%'ers.

        Bryan on scouting represents the light and fluffy Facebook, millennial feel good everybody gets a trophy generation.


        • King Ding Dong
          King Ding Dong commented
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          Brew that's the first thing that came to my mind but that is mentioned in the piece. They want to do more, but I think a handwritten thank you note and active participation should be the best.

        • Basementdweller
          Basementdweller commented
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          There was a thread over there a while ago Where someone asked about giving appropriate gifts to an eagle scout...

          One gave framed Norman Rockewell paintings, another philmont trips and another was the Henry Eagle rifle.......those were the biggies, some eagle knives and the like from the scout shop.

          Seriously folks....I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours with your boy....

          Explain to me again, Why the SM should buy the lad anything beyond an JASM patch?????

        • Scouter99
          Scouter99 commented
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          I've only done the Rockwell thing twice, and with my bank account in the shape it's in, it'll be quite a while before I hit #3. As I said "as Bob Basement pointed out, I’ve already spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on every boy much less the Eagles."

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        Basementdweller commented Today, 06:29 AM
        I don't like a reward system for anything.Your unit must be flush in cash. We could never afford to award $2k a year to the boys for any reason.

        Well that is the Advantage of Having rarely more than 12 Scouts at a Time in the Troop..
        Yea we had some Money...At any Given time we had an Average of $15,000 on the Books. We Had Hamburger Suppers 4 times a Year..average meals sold was 1200 at $5 per plate..I remember one Hamburger dinner we sold 7500 Dinners. To this day people here remember the Hamburger Dinners. You Mention Troop six and they first thing they say is "I remember the Hamburger Suppers yall had." We never sold any Popcorn..
        We Bought a Lot and Built a New Scout Hut...which was also used by the Church as a Senior Citizen Center.

        Could the Troop have just paid for everything yes it could have...but we prefer having Earned fees by earning it through the Honor Scout System and even working for $2.50 an Hour at a Scoutmaster's house Mowing his lawn. Much better since of Pride.

        Sadly even the Church Closed so the Troop is No longer around.
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