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    I will find another Unit when I can...Or Maybe start back up my Old Troop..Which is No longer Active.


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      Originally posted by jpstodwftexas View Post
      Hummm..Me and Scoutmaster seem to have a Girl issue..Him and ASM are Couple..First Campout We got along, He did not like that. At One point he threw a Temper tantrum because I asked him to give her a Break .Nothing between us...I show Up in Full Scout Uniform..He shows up in Troop T Shirt. He said he picks who sits on BOR I am Just a Committee Member..So He proceeds to get Up set because I announced some OA Events to Troop he got Upset..I asked to Be allowed to Join Private Troop Facebook Page..He got Upset Because I posted my Pictures on My Facebook Page..I am assuming he is the One who cried about several projects I was Planning for Both Council and Lodge..and Reported me for Sale BSA related items without a License...And I had not sold a thing and was still putting the Project together to present to the Boys in Lodge to approve or disapprove. I was going to fund new Challenge Coins out of my Pocket..

      So In Order to not upset the troop Dynamic I was removed after 1 Camp out. That is Okay with Me...Karma will catch up with Him.
      Private Troop Facebook pages are against the general guidelines BSA has put out about social media.

      " Therefore, no private channels (e.g., private Facebook groups or invite-only YouTube channels) are acceptable in helping to administer the Scouting program. Private channels and private communication put both the youth and you at risk. If you feel the information you seek to share via social media channels should not be shared in public, you should not share that information via social media."