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Merit Badge classes at scout meetings?

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    Our Troop will periodically have a MB class meet before regular troop meetings. some may be every other week some monthly. But never seems to be more than one running at a time. Every few years they run the cycle for the Citizenship badges. Allows for bringing in local politicos to talk and take questions. Auto repair was popular this past year. On a rare occasion we will have a meeting where we all meet somewhere like the police station to do Fingerprinting. But this happens at most once a year. It does give scouts a sense of change. We will occasionally have a meeting at the local indoor rock climbing place as well.

    Some MB councilors will meet with scouts one-on-one during meetings during Game time. or after the meeting.

    We don't as a troop do a lot of MBs during campouts, but I hope to do some cooking MB stuff in the coming year especially as there will be high demand for time on it next year.

    But meetings in general for Patrol Time, Trip Planning and Scout Skill development.


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      Cnew, Noticed everyone here has been discussing the cons? Here are some Pros (none of which benefit the boy, only the adults):

      MBC doesn't have to figure out a meeting place.
      MBC only needs to teach once a year
      MBC doesn't get phone calls from parents
      MBC doesn't get phone calls from kids
      Parents use the peer pressure to get there kids the MBs
      Scouts earn more MBs quicker and easier to mom and dad's satisfaction.

      In the meantime, for fun and games, see if your troop can offer the Bugling merit badge as a class...


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        I like it.

        You forgot

        Scoutmaster does not have to figure out a program 18 weeks of the year, Notice I said SM not spl because it isn't boy led.

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      Originally posted by Brewmeister View Post
      Sorry to say, but if you had boys who did not serve as master of ceremonies, they did not complete the Communications badge, and if it was awarded it was not earned. Which is sad because it's an Eagle badge. If the card is signed off, it's a done deal, unless you can appeal to the boys that a shortcut was unintentionally taken, and will they live up to the Scout Law and finish it after the awarding of the patch?

      We've gone through this to some extent with our troop. I've argued against merit badge meetings (we have separate meetings from the troop meetings), but ended up locking horns with an ASM who said "we need to help the boys." My response was that this approach makes for a very fine Webelos activity badge the interest of making peace in the short term I let it drop. If we have parents/leaders who want to be counselors and set up separate meetings, I can live with that if we are not taking troop time, and if the badges are actually completed, which they have been thus far. But yes, that is not how the process is supposed to work.

      Since you appear to have a merit-badge focused program, you can expect to encounter a LOT of resistance (from parents) if you are proposing changes and telling them they can't get their 12-week personal fitness program done in a 60 minute be prepared. Unfortunately for the average parent who is only peripherally aware of what scouting is all about, they care about what they see--the badges on the sash.
      We've been doing the exercise part of the Personal Fitness badge as a troop over the summer. We did the 12 weeks, now the boys have to learn the material and talk to a Counselor about it. In our troop of 30+, only two have gotten the badge so far.