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  • Scoutmaster's Recommendation

    A number of lads have brought paperwork to me recently that ask for scoutmaster approval or recommendation.......

    So what exactly does that mean to you as SM?

    When would you withhold it?

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    Although it is not required, it is in my Council, and yes, I have withheld it. The boy screwed up big time about a month before he was going to turn in his paperwork. He sheepishly came to me looking for a recommendation. Needless to say, I told him it would take me about 6 months to get over it and during that time he had better start showing he deserves a good recommendation. He did and I gave him one.



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      Basically, I'm telling the other person that I think the boy's fit for the job. You know those thoroughly inept camp staff that irritate the tar out of you? Well, some scoutmaster or crew advisor recommended them to the job. Now sometimes, a person's flawed character does not manifest itself in the few weekends the unit leader has had to observe them, but most of the time the SM dropped his pen down without even calling the camp director about some slight reservation. When I was recruiting additional members for my Seabase contingent, I wanted an SM or Advisor to talk to about the youth. I told one mom that and did not hear from her again. It could have been the money issue, but it could have also been that the SM felt the boy wasn't ready to get in a boat with a bunch of venturers. So, my bottom line: has the boy demonstrated that he has the discipline for the job/contingent/office? If so, put your name down. If the guy's the least bit of a slacker, but you think the program might help him shape up, give the person asking for the recommendation a call. Sometimes, there's lattitude; other times, not so much.


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        So far that is kind of what I thought and how I have handled it....


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          Gives you a little insight to the meaning of 'On MY honor". If you put your name down and the youth did not and does not deserve it, Your name is worth what?????

          Excellent description gentlemen. Glad to hear some still doing it right. :-)
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