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Tenure for Square Knots: Calendar Dates or Recharter Date?

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  • Tenure for Square Knots: Calendar Dates or Recharter Date?

    I recently reviewed some of the square knots, and wondering about time of tenure. Let's say an award (none in particular) requires 2 years in a position and 4 RT a year. If tenure is from Recharter, is it feasible that the RT. requirements could be satisfied from Sept.-Dec. (4 prior to recharter) and March-June (4 post-recharter). If a calendar year the same principle would apply. Or, is the "year" from Sept.-Aug.? I'm also presuming the position was held for at least two recharter years and that the other requirements were met completely during those 2+ years. I know some great leaders who have not been able to attend RT regularly due to schedules, etc. So, your thoughts are certainly appreciated! Yours in Scouting, SMC

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    I went with application date for Scouter's Training Award and veteran status.


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      The two years could be any 24 month period -- 730 days from when you began. It doesn't have to align with the charter date, the calendar year, Chinese New Year or anything else. KISS


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        You will be able to join the Banana Republic Generals in no time.


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          Applause for KDD.....bells dinging........