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Talk to me about by-laws, please.

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    DeanRx & dadof3ealges wrote very good comments. Though I'd put it in a "Parent Guide", calling it By Laws is little harm. The key is that it's stuff that is special to the unit. Money handling. Meeting spots. Committee using Roberts Rules (if necessary).

    Perhaps taking the opposite is useful. Here is what I would **** NOT **** put in a Parent Guide or By Laws and actually scares me.

    ---- The advancement process.
    ---- Process and procedure flow diagrams and checklists
    ---- Anything beyond summary level introductions to BSA topics like advancement, ranks, uniforming, leadership, etc. Guides are useful to get parents up to speed, but the scout should use the Boy Scout Handbook and not face any contradictions created by documenting excessive processes and procedures.

    I think units have By Laws that often include these because until the last ten years, you could not easily find all that info online. Now you can get online copies of the GTA, G2SS and many other documents easily. You don't need to re-document them so that the scout and their families know the detail.


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      My troop has By-Laws. They were written by a committee that had been in place for several years. This was done more to ensure that "the way we've always done it" stayed that way. I would say that our most important "Law" is that to be a voting member of the Committee you have to attend a minimum of 3 of the last 6 Committee meetings. This way the committee can't get ambushed by a disgruntled group of parents. By the way parents of registered Scouts are invited to come to Committee meetings and are eligible voters (obviously if they satisfy the 3 of 6 rule).

      I would be happy to email a copy of our By-Laws to anyone interested.


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        fred johnson commented
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        Voting member means a fairly consistent attendee or essentially not a 1st time drop in parent .. interesting. I could see need for that. I must admit our units don't vote and it's not a democracy. We try to always run by consensus, but our committee is more a hierarchy and not a voting body.