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Scouts struck by lightning in NH

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  • Scouts struck by lightning in NH

    Camp Bell, part of Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, Daniel Webster Council, NH experienced a thunderstorm yesterday (6/24) evening. 23 scouts were struck by lightning and treated at area hospitals. News link:

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    How sad. An aweful way to learn how important it is to spread out if you don't have a grounded structure to shelter in.


    • blw2
      blw2 commented
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      I, skimmed.... a story on this linked to from Drudge. maybe the same link referred to here, not sure.....
      but it said that the scouts were all in a shelter. Just didn't say what sort of shelter.

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    This was NYLT at Bell.

    None of the injures were life-threatening; most were minor. Six of the 23 suffered "somewhat serious" burns, Fire Chief David Parenti said. Seven of the Scouts had very minor burns, he said.
    "All 23 of them had burns of some sort," Parenti said. "But even the six (burn victims), we worry about the chest, but they weren't burned too bad, really."

    The Incident Reports from NYLT should have more details, hopefully with the Fire Chief's report.


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      Not a great way to start off the season at summer camp.. Glad no one was seriously hurt, so hopefully all we will get out of it is some scouts with war stories to tell for years to come..


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        Was always my number 1 fear as a SM. Oklahoma is well known for its energetic storms, but so were all the areas we seemed to do our high adventures. Barry


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          I'm glad to find out that Moosetracker was not among them. Also glad that there were no fatalities.


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            Thanks for worrying about me, but no I have left the teen years (sounds like even the counselors were youth which is natural for an NYLT, very few adults...

            BLW2 - " the scouts were taking shelter underneath a canopy when lightening either hit the canopy".. 8:30 might have been a little early for bed.. But 23 boys sounds too large for a patrol grouping.. Still, this course takes in way more boys then they should, like they run the course for 100 boys.. They really should break it into 2 or 3 groups but I don't think the camp can give them 2 or 3 weeks out of the summer... I don't know if they run lots & lots of patrols.. or do big big patrols.. So it could have be a patrol group doing something.

            There are two camps on the property, one is large and lots of buildings, but Bell is the small one, with I think only 3 buildings the administration building, a boat house and strangely a indoor rock wall.. Why the largest building is an indoor rock wall when everything else is outdoors I don't know.. (Oh yeah and about 6 small staff cabins.)


            • King Ding Dong
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              SR what council are you in? Mid America Council only focused on LSSR to the best of my knowledge. I didn't see any new buildings at Cedars, Eagle or Wa-Kon-Da last summer.

              Seems odd to me they would be mess hall cooking at NYLT, seems like patrol cooking would allow them to utilize some skills. But then again most on this board feel it is cubicle skills for teens.

            • SR540Beaver
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              KDD, NYLT isn't exclusively dining hall cooking. The patrols do cook in addition to some meals being cooked for them. It depends on how each course director chooses to run their course. There is a lot of training material to cover on a tight schedule and most courses cost at least $200. Do you want to send your leadership to the course to spend their time cooking or being trained in leadership skills? Depending on the day and the schedule, we would provide particular meals. The rest of the time they cooked some pretty easy menu meals. They do the majority of the cooking, but not all. Any kid coming to NYLT will most likely have been a scout for a few years and already skilled at cooking and KP. It simply isn't the focus of the course. As far as what most of the board feels, they have never participated in the course.

            • moosetracker
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              Well then it is multiple courses with only one course director each year.. Soon there may be two courses, and I was pleased that they are now telling the current course which refuses to go to the new syllabus it won't be recognized as an official NYLT.. The second one coming on will be the new syllabus, in fact I would guess those changes would have been this year, seeing I haven't been to the Council training meetings in about a year since I handed the reigns of Distrinct Training Chair over to my son. That was what was discussed at the last meeting I went to.. So hopefully this year it was a smaller course, and unsure if it was the official or unofficial NYLT course..

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            Umm, when I first read the articles I am certain they mentioned something about a "piece of metal" running from the shelter to an undisclosed location that allegedly carried the energy to the shelter. The two links make no mention of the metal as of a few minutes ago. Does anyone else recall that reporting ? I seem to have this problem in the digital age. I read something and then go back to it for reference and all of a sudden it is not the same. Maybe I am showing my age. Moosetracker, any idea what this piece of metal was ?


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              Tarp set up among tall eastern white pines was the shelter with one of those trees struck.
              video shows tarp and lightning strike

              Prepared? They were very lucky.
              My $0.02


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                After seeing that video, I can say that it wasn't much of a shelter...... except against rain.
                Anyway, I can certainly see how everyone would have grouped up under the tarp......
                ....but I suppose the better approach would have been to disperse, eh?


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                  Dispersed low away from tall trees might have been better, as in go to low area tents. But the day's forecast was known and Camp Bell does have a severe weather protocol to monitor weather, report warnings, and evacuate to the main lodge ahead of storms. ??? Puzzling.


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                    Main Lodge??? Hidden valley has a main lodge, cafeteria etc.. Camp Bell.. Not unless they built it in the last year.. The Rock climbing wall can host a decent size group, I forgot they do have a barn, they have horse back riding, other small buildings are really only comfortable for 3 to 6 people. Thanks for the video RS, I had a newspaper article I was going to post this morning, but the site was down this morning for me. Don't recognize anyone in the video... But, the tree looks very familure... (just kidding)..


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                      Bell has its own main lodge, not as large as Hidden Valley. It appears at 1:20 into the above video.

                      Top floor - camp director, nurses office, store, staff kitchette, gathering room/classroom (where we evacuate to for bad weather), old shower room. The latter two, I believe, were an addition to original small camp director building . There are now showers up the hill. Lodge basement is commissary (food storage, distribution) and storage.

                      Bell's main lodge has existed in this configuration for at least 4-5 years. It gets pretty cramped during t-storms.

                      My $0.02
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                        Turns out this is National Lightning Safety Week June 23-29

                        When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

                        Didn't know that "more than 80% of lightning fatalities are men who did not seek shelter from an approaching storm, but instead kept on fishing, boating, golfing, biking, or working outdoors."
                        Short video


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                          Really.. I haven't been there for about 2 years, when we held a training there.. Only went to it maybe 3 times for training courses, my son went to camp there only once about 12 years back and didn't care for it, so stayed with the valley or other scout camps out of district.