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ting the US, what to do with my knive?

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    biggest thing I would suggest is to wear them on belt rather than in a pocket. Last I knew here if they are over 4" blade and in a pocket they can be considered a concealed weapon. So I always wear mine sheathed and on belt so no matter what I'm ok.


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      Thanks for all the advice so far. Leatherman on belt will be fine. I will leave the fixed blade at home, just to be sure.


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        Welkom! What areas will you be visiting? Boston: Clam Chowder. Chesapeake Bay: Blue Crabs. Carolinas: Barbecue. New Orleans: Etoufee

        Airline security issues::::
        After walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, , I had a 2meter oak hiking staff , notches and name carved in it, with a steel tip. I was not going to leave it behind. The first baggage agent in Madrid I spoke to didn't know how to deal with it. His manager said "No problem"., stuck a coded baggage claim sticky label on it, handed me the claim check, and in it went to the baggage area. They didn't even charge me for an extra bag. Only hassle was I had to especially ask for it at the baggage claim in Charlotte NC..

        Stick the sharps in the checked bags, wear it in pouch on your belt.


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          Originally posted by elsinga View Post
          Hi all!

          As I posted here some time ago, our family is hoping to go to the US in 2014. We will ben RV'ing 3 weeks in the N/E states and also visiting a couple of BSA troops (since I am a scout leader and my son is a scout). Ofcourse we will take our uniforms with us, so we can properly dress when visiting the troops. There is one thing I have doubts about, which is bringing our knives along. In the Netherlands I always have my fixed blade knife with me (hanging from my belt) and a Leatherman in the car. My son (as a scout) only has a simple pocketknife.

          I tried to understand what is legal in the US, but things differ so much from state to stat, I'd thought of asking your opinions here.

          The knives involved are:
          - a fixed blade knive with a 4.3 inch blade and total length about twice
          - a Leatherman Charge TTi

          I can wear all of the knives legally in the Netherlands. Fixed blade knives are only illegal when over 20 inches (then they become machettes ) or worn in inappropriate places (like in a discotheque). But: wearing a Scouting uniform makes a difference, since then it is simply a tool and we can even take a machette inside a restaurant while hiking. Same goes for a plumber or carpenter and his knives. For me, my knives are also a tool.

          Suppose I take along my knives when visiting the US, what will happen? Will TSA take them away for some reason (when we land in New York or New Jersey state)? If not, is having them in an RV a problem (I will keep them in a cupboard, not within reach)? Will wearing them while in uniform a problem (or a benefit)? Is it okay to "open carry" them? If this is different from state to state, please mention the state your answer applies to.

          Thanks in advance for your answers!
          Check state by state. This is a good guide.

          I wouldn't worry about the Leatherman, except maybe in NYC. I would think the sheath knife would be legal for open carry. The main thing is don't carry them in carry-on luggage, only checked luggage.


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            Thanks! From the letter of the law I will be illegal with the Leatherman in some states, but unless I show it in public I guess I'll be fine. And I'm a tourist, so LEO's will be more forgiving (I speak from experience here, LOL!).


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              My son and I both carry our knives for scouts, and I carry mine 24/7. Mine is a spring assited Gerber with a 3.25" blade. His is a 3" spring assisted; both mine and his are carried in the pocket of the pants. No big deal. I also carry a Leatherman for scouts in a belt sheath. Never had a problem. I will carry a 5" K-Bar on survival campouts and never had an issue. If you get stopped by the police while driving, keep your hands on the wheel until the officer comes to the window. At that time, inform him that you have the blade(s) on you and ask him what he wants you to do with them (advice from a sheriff deputy friend).


              • King Ding Dong
                King Ding Dong commented
                Editing a comment
                DO NOT ask him where your should "stick" or "shove" them.

                Say "sir, what would you like me do do with them."