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15 minute activity during meeting night

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  • 15 minute activity during meeting night

    were having trouble with these as for as safety is concerned our only solution right now is a game called ninja. if anyone has suggestions possibly a fun interesting activity that ties into scout skills without being boring for younger scouts.

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    There is always the difference in philosophy as to a pre-meeting "gathering" game , or a after meeting "wrap-up" game.

    Some Troops in this area do the one, some the other. Weather permitting, I have seen "capture the flag" type games outside pre meeting.
    Inside, depending on the meeting place, scavenger hunts and "Kim's" game.
    My home troop does a wrap up game called "Gah-gah-gah", which involves surrounding a large floor area with folding tables laid on their side, as walls. The players stand inside the table area, and roll a bouncy ball at each other. If one is hit below the knee (the ball must stay on the floor), they must get out of the play area. The name comes from the start of the play: the ball is set bouncing and it bounces three times (Gah, gah, gah) and the first person to grab the ball after the last "gah" begins by rolling to hit someone. The play resumes with someone (doesn't matter who) picks up the ball and sets it bouncing again. Note, not dribbling, just bouncing. VCery active game, the boys adjust the rules as necessary and rule on who "really" got hit or not. Last boy not hit is the winner.