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Heard of Unit Key Three?

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  • Heard of Unit Key Three?

    My informants tell me that Irving is discussing the definition of the "Unit Key Three", to go along with the District and Council K3's.

    Any thoughts?

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    That would be what?

    Unit Leader, Committee Chairman, and Chartered Organization Representative?

    And the point would be?


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      Old news, please see page 2

      @Neal: yes. Although if the CC is the CR, it would be key 2.

      Heck, I've seen District Key 4's and 5's depending on how many DEs are on staff.


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        Foolish consistency......

        Not surprisingly, the article 00E posted, from the national Commissioners' newsletter, suggests it should really be the Unit Key 4 and include the unit commissioner. Yeah, right. I can count on one hand he number of UC visits we've had in the past decade and still pick my nose. And they going to tell me the UC is part of the troop leadership team on a par with the SM and CC?

        Does anyone take this clap-trap seriously?


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          Just more "make work" stuff during a slow period. *yawn*


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            Unit key three is very old news. I heard rthe term used to descript the top leader, CC and COR back in PDL1 in '98. Work on the net though id they are goginto haev soem cool feature availabel in MY SCOUTING soon.


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              It was brought up at roundtable last week.
              No real details.


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                Who said scouting is for boys???

                Clearly this is about and for the adults.


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                  We've been using the term here for years. Perhaps it's silliy consistency, but if you've got an active COR who wants to represent the CO's program goals in leadership decisions, why not?