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American Heritage Girls question

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  • American Heritage Girls question

    Our council has an annual Cub Scout orienteering contest on the first Saturday of the year. The event has always been limited to Cub Scouts and their parents. More than 1700 people pre-registered this year and several hundred registered on site. I was given the job of entering information into the computer for the more than 200 teams that competed this year, categorizing each as Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos.

    Two AHG teams came this year. They were told that AHG has an arrangement with BSA that gives them permission to participate in any age-appropriate Scouting event. I was the only one on the event staff that had ever heard of American Heritage Girls. We added a new category to the database and let them compete, but we think they may have been misinformed.

    What kind of agreement does AHG have with BSA?

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      Not exactly an open invitation.

      Perhaps you need to get with the local AHG director and discuss how you will let them know when they are invited to an event.

      It was very nice of you let them participate. I'm sure the girls had a lot of fun.


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        You may want to check with your Council on what agreement(s), if any, they have made with the local AHG. The Council needs to determine/put out guidelines for what events are open and how they will be communicated.


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          If your flyer says cub scouts only.......Well then it is cub scouts only. Last time I checked AHG are not cub scouts irregardless of what some AHG busy body says.

          I get the feeling this only the first time we are going to hear about AHG pulling this stunt.


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            "I get the feeling this only the first time we are going to hear about AHG pulling this stunt."

            'AHG pulling this stunt'? I don't think so. This is some local AHG leaders not understanding what the MOU grants them. Don't blame the national AGH people for this. The local leaders don't understand that they can't just show up at a BSA event an expect to be allowed to attend.


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              Cub scout orienteering with 1700? Wow! I mean, really, wow!

              Sure you could limit it to cubs, and if the #s are at capacity you may have to.

              But, think long and hard about this: how many AHG's have a brother or sister cub age who isn't a cub already? Nobody knows, probably. Would it be worth it to get a survey from parents of the girls with a box at the bottom: "I'd like someone to contact me about a boy I know who should join a pack."?

              I'm just saying, folks may fuss over opening a can of worms, but if there's leftovers to be mulched ...


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                The problem Q is it sets a precedent. I bet there is an AHG newsletter that will show pictures or a Q&A stating that the AHG troop attended a BSA event.

                While I was not at Toms orienteering event. 2100 scouts and parents in a single day event is a lot. The flyer says Cub and parent only, so I take that to mean no siblings, which leads me to conclude that the event is already very busy.

                So till I get an email from national saying that I am required to let them participate then I say NO.


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                  B. Those questions are ones that only Tom and his fellow planners can answer.

                  As I said earlier, capacity is a huge consideration that must be addressed. (Of course, it's Texas, so maybe it only sounds big. ) There could be others. Like, are these AHG troops starting to host events that welcome cubs in their area? Is reciprocity working? Or, do you gain by shooting for even more #s of youth in the field for the event?

                  For example, our council holds ski weekends. We get a discount from the resort for pumping as many youth as we can through their ticket booth. Therefore, the event is open to GS troops. The resort on occasion gives a substantial donation to the council. Also, some of the older GS get an introduction to the venturing program. We don't make them sit in a room like those timeshare salesmen do -- they just bump up against us and we explain how we do what we do -- chair lifts are good for that.

                  Finally, on the outside chance that there's an AHG parent who enjoys orienteering or is really good at organizing big events, Tom now has the right to make a few phone calls to see if they can make a contribution to his volunteer pool.

                  I'm not saying you can't say "no". Just be sure of what you're turning down when you do.


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                    Thanks for the responses. I was just a volunteer who showed up on the day of the event. It would be great if more girls could participate, but the event is already as big as the camp can handle.

                    Here is a link for more information.



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                      what a fantastic event........

                      I am amazed that that many cubs participate. Fantastic.

                      Scouting is alive and well in texas. I say that with no small amount of envy.

                      Thx for volunteering


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                        It's certainly possible that the lack of communication was between the organizers and the council. I'd guess the AHG units didn't just show up. I'll bet they were invited (or given the go-ahead) by someone at the council who just didn't happen to notify Tom or the registration folks. Rather than ask us, ask the units who came. I'm sure they'd be happy to share.


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                          Many Boy Scout Councils now have AHG Ambassadors that act as liaisons to the local BSA Council. Talk with them. Our girls are attending Cub Scout and Boy Scout camp this summer!!! Really, this partnership is a win/win.


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                            "This is some local AHG leaders not understanding what the MOU grants them. Don't blame the national AGH people for this. The local leaders don't understand that they can't just show up at a BSA event an expect to be allowed to attend."

                            And yet the national AHG people are the ones who deliberately create the impression of tight bonds between the two organizations ...


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                              Please name the councils that have ambassadors? or is this more made up BS????

                              So what does the AHG bring to the BSA partnership?????


                              Attending Day camp is one thing..

                              Resident camp is something else entirely.

                              I bet the AHG don't have as liberal a view on scout pregnancy as the GSUSA does.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)