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Last Years Successes

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  • Last Years Successes

    So I haven't been on here in a few months so I didn't see the thread I spun off of till just now.

    I just thought I would bring you all some good news about the second oldest program in Boy Scouts. Despite having been given a new and relatively crappy manual a few years ago, and despite a general lack of support from many paid scouters, our membership numbers are improving. For the first time ever all 4 regions have Regional Boatswains, and while I don't know about the other regions, the western region is well on its way to having effective council and area boatswains region wide.

    This past year saw record attendance at AMR, the largest Sea Scout regatta in the country. We had ships attending from all over the region with the award for most distance traveled going to the Hawaiians. We have new units springing up all over the region, some of them trying to regain a foothold in towns where Sea Scouts died out more than a decade ago.

    Our National Flagship was just donated a wonderful new boat, not that they need an ice breaker in San Francisco, but it will allow them to expand their program even more.

    We have a ship in SoCal that has over 50 active members, and membership is up over most of the country.

    2012 was a very good year for Sea Scouts, and I bet that if you all take a moment to put on some rose tinted glasses and look back it was probably a pretty good year for your unit as well. So lets hear it, what great things happened in your unit this year?

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    I'll also just leave this here.


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      Glad to hear it! Crewing a boat is a fantastic learning experience.

      Oh, hang onto that ice breaker. If the predictions about a new Ice Age are right, you can use it to come up to Seattle and fetch me...


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        So what about you all? What successes did you have last year?


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          So what about you all? What successes did you have last year?

          Our Troop celebrated it's first birthday, congratulated it's first set of First Class Scouts, and went on it's first 50 miler.


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            We had six Eagles this year, a full program of outdoor experiences, 51 scouts at Summer Camp, and an exciting High Adventure trip to the Apostle Islands. Our goal of getting more and more boy led is moving along very nicely.