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Does your Troop and Crew????

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    There is some overlap in membership between our troop and the affiliated crew, and 13-year-old-and-up Scouts who have made First Class (including crew-eligible Scouts who have not chosen to join) having a stnading invitation to go on crew outings, but the meetings, program, planning, fundraising, etc. and the adult leadership are totally separate. Sometimes the entire SPL/ASPL corps are members of the crew, sometimes not. Our current and immediate past SPL's have not been.


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      Our troop and crew are in separate towns, have different COs and different meeting days. The only connection they have is that the Scoutmaster is the Crew Advisor. This man's character is top notch and his dedication to young people is extraordinary.


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        I was approached by some older Scouts wishing to start an "Explorer-like" unit within the troop. They were confused about whether it should be an Venture Patrol or a Venturing Crew, so I did some digging. I must admit to being more than a little confused. I get the seperation issues discussed above, understand (I think) the issues around spserate units, retention of older Scouts, avoiding cannibalizing your Boy Scout program, rivalry issues, etc.

        For me the crux of the issue is what (if anything) can a Venturing Crew do that a Venture Patrol cannot? Looking at the BSA activities matrix (see link below), am I wrong that there are few things Venturing Crews can do that an older Boy Scout "Venture Patrol" cannot?


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          You have to be a Crew to work towards Venturing awards, shoot pistols, hunt, have girls...

          and thats about it...


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            I suspected as much. My big concern is developing a second unit and all the hassles that go with it. We have a strong troop and already suffer, as I am sure many other troops do, from older boys being less involved or trying to distance themselves from the young boys. What I would really like is a more "Leadership Corps" style sub-unit within the troop. Something to operate as a leadership unit but allow them the flexibility for high adventure activities. I guess the Venture Patrol is the best way. Too bad the LC is a thing of the past...was always a badge of honor to wear that patch.


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              If I were you, I'd encourage your venture patrol to give itself a name that reflects something leadership corps-ish. Some examples:

              The Bosses,
              Top Guns,
              Long Walkers, or
              Leadership Corps

              A second unit has a lot of hassles. There are a few rewards, like helping out kids who missed out on scouting from ages 11 - 13. But if you don't have adults who'll support it, or youth who have a vision for it, it amounts to a lot of paperwork for what you could otherwise do by simply giving special attention and challenges to that patrol of older boys (by whatever name you call them).