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Can a Scout be a multiple member in two troops?

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    We have a family in same circumstances (their church requires them to be registered in their troop). I don't know how they do it, but father and multiple sons are all in our troop and (I've been told by them) do not participate in anything with their church troop. This has been going on for a number of years. Since they're only active in one, there's no issue with advancement requirements getting tangled. So far, so good.
    Oldest is approaching Eagle -- could something happen to cause him trouble at this point?

    Thanks in advance!


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      Does this Scout show up on your troop's roster and recharter paperwork? Have advancement reports your unit submits to the council had this Scout's advancement duly recorded? If the answers are yes, he'll be okay. If the answers are no, then there could be trouble if someone choses to make an issue out of it.



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        Thanks, Dan. I'll verify. -mike


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          A phone call to your council service center should do the trick. Call and ask for the registrar. State your name, your troop and your position and ask her where the Scout's primary registration is. A quick search of Scoutnet records will tell you.

          Dave Steele


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            I'm confused.........we too have 2 scouts that moved out of state but are multipled into our troop so that they can take advantage of the high adventure activities that they signed up for before they moved......Council never said it was a problem. DS indicated that it was clear that a scout could not be multipled into 2 different units. you know the answer?


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              Hi Yarrow,
              Yes the scouts can only be registere in one troop at a time. But no matter which troop they are registere with they are still members of the BSA and have all the priviledges of membership. If they are currently registered with another troop they can still participate with yours as guests, the only thing you must be careful of is that you cannot submit any advancement for them through your unit and council. Advancement reports for them must come through their current registered troop.

              Bob White


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                Scouts certainly can and many are registered members of more than one Troop!
                I know of several Scouts that are.
                When I found out about the other boys I called the San Diego Imperial Council HQ because I thought that would work quite well for my Sons situation.
                They responded in a rather routine tone about it, and said to simple write "Multiple" on the top of the app. for the additional Troop.

                They said that one Troop would be listed as primary but that it really had no bearing on anything, such as, Scouts could still do rank advancement with either or both Troops.
                They went on to say that although it maybe simplier to maintain rank advancement with only one Troop it is not necessary, or in anyway required.
                That Scouts in fact have no limits on the number of Troops that they can be officially Registared members of, they can simutaniulsy be a member of a half doezen troops and do one rank advancement with each one, all the way up.

                Also that Scouts are covered by the BSA insurance weather they are offically registared with an additonal Troop or just participating with another Troop as a guest or visitor.
                Being that the Troops dont have there own indvidual policys, the Insurance policy is through the council or SDICBSA, so it is all the same policy that is a lid over all Troops and Scouts in the Council.

                They actually think so much about Scouting they feel the world might be an even better place if every boy was so active in Scouting as to be envolved in multiple Troops!

                At this time my older boy has been a registarted member of two Troops for about three years.
                By virture of acquaintances and other programs has gone on overnighters with six other Troops, so far.

                Being envolved with multiple Troops and the many extra opurtunities it has afforded has been quite the blessing.
                At this time about midway through his Scouting career he has132 "Scout nights under the stars".
                Also it's been a good expierance to see how each Troops run things and the differances in SPL methods.