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How to wear Eagle Palms

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  • How to wear Eagle Palms

    My son is an Eagle Scout.

    He wears the Eagle patch on his uniform. How does he wear the Eagle palms that he has earned? Also, is it proper to wear both the Eagle patch and the Eagle medal?

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    The palms are worn on the ribbon of the Eagle medal. Yes, it is appropriate to wear both the medal and the patch at the same time. The medal (in my opinion) should be saved for more formal occasions, such as Courts of Honor, Ceremonies, etc. Recently, I was showing some new Scouts in my troop my Eagle medal (I let them hold it once when they first join, then tell them they have to earn their own before they get to hold another one). One of the dads was amazed at how it looks brand new. That is probably because I only wear it once or twice a year and keep it in its box until I get to the special event (in other words, I don't wear it around at all).

    Once your son turns 18, he'll need to switch his Eagle patch to an Eagle square knot. He can still wear the medal if he wishes.


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      I would like to stress what Chippewa29 says "The palms are worn on the ribbon of the Eagle medal." You cannot wear the palms on a pocket flap or next to the Eagle patch as I have often seen done.


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        Thanks. Can you be a little more specific on the placing of the palms on the ribbon? Are they put next to each other across the top of the ribbon, or in the middle in a column?


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          According to the BSA Insignia guide, there is no specification for eagle palm arrangements other than they are to be affixed to the ribbon of the Eagle Medal.


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            Check the "Insignia Guide" current 2002-2004 edition page 5 heading "Two Badges with the same meaning" You will find that with the Eagle rank patch and the Meadal its an either or but not both. Page 22 under Eagle Palm you will find the palms are worn on either the medal ribbion or the Eagle square knot.
            Not in the book but experience tells me the palms are worn on the Medal , centered. As with tenure pins, only the device which represents your current level should be worn. That is to say when you earn 5 additional badges you would wear the bronze palm, earn ten and you wear only the gold palm not both together.


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              It is difficult if not impossible, due to the knot hanging in the middle of the medal, to display the palm in the center of the ribon. (I found out while helping a scout pin his palm on for a District dinner last night.)