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  • Hello

    Hello fellow scouters !!

    I am 38, 3 kids (son 3 month, son 9 years old, daughter 15) I was not a scout as a youth because I was heavily involved in sports.

    My father in law and Brother in law are Eagles.

    When my son got in 1st grade we sought out Cub Scouts for him. I was so moved by the program I because a Leader. I have been so moved that I have sought training after training and more training. Just complete Wood Badge, go Beavers.

    I love Scouting !!!! and so passionate about it. I just wish I could have done it as a kid .
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    Welcome, fellow Beaver! Glad to see your enthusiasm.


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      Thanks LeCastor, I saw in a post else where you're in MS? I am in the out skirts of Memphis.


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        Actually, I was a Scout in the Atlanta Area Council and New Orleans Area Council but I've since moved up to Wisconsin. The NOAC (now Southeast Louisiana Council) camp is located in Southern MS.


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          I gotcha Thanks


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            Welcome! Nice Avatar. Don't worry too much about not being a Scout as a youth. Sometimes having a clear look without preconceived notions can help.


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              I too was never a Boy Scout and started as a leader even older than you. Now that I am over 50 (groan) it IS nice to find new skill areas to learn.


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                TT, at THAT ripe old age, I would think you'd be happy just remembering where you left your keys, lol.

                Jason, live it up, man. The cubs are the best and those days don't last nearly long enough. I'd go back to the cub scouts if I had the opportunity.

                LeCastor, you moved from a place that had some of the finest cuisine on earth to where, Wisconsin? Do you really like cheese that much? Polka?


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                  Pack, it probably has more to do with it being one of the last place they play football in the out-of-doors. That and cheese IS the finest cuisine on earth.


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                    Lambeau Field is pretty awesome! I actually didn't come to Wisconsin with the intention of staying--just for school. But I really like it here and I got married. So I'm here for the long haul.

                    Pack, it makes going back to NOLA that much better, though! I can't get real gumbo or jambalaya here unless I make it myself.


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                      Wish me luck guys !!! I have the monumental task of performing an Eagle Ceremony.

                      SM son. As I have mentions I am on year 3 of scouting heading into 4. A year ago we lost our charter was forced to find a new one, in that time we also lost the SM and ASM. Our CM and ACM stepped up (both have sons in the Troop)

                      He and I were talking about a month ago about the situation that typically the SM does the majority of this but I told him that I didn't feel it right for him to have to do anything that this is his son that's getting Eagle and he should just sit back and enjoy the show.

                      So I have my ceremony planned out, I am not fond of having to do public speaking but I am FAR better than the ASM that says absolutely nothing to anyone new.


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                        Master of Ceremony! Now for the real fun ... 1) look at your script, every paragraph think "can a scout do this"? 2) run it by the Eagle candidate. He should have final say in how the ceremony should be run. Especially ask him how long he thinks it should be. 3) say your parts in front of a mirror.


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                          seeing if I can post now