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New Cycling Merit Badge Counselor .. Way Old Cyclist

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  • New Cycling Merit Badge Counselor .. Way Old Cyclist

    After 50 years away from scouting I am one year back into it as a Cycling Merit Badge counselor. In Jan 2013 my grandson’s troop asked me counsel them as they earned Cycling Merit Badges. By the end of the year four scouts earned Cycling Merit Badges and one has only two of the requirements to complete.

    It was very satisfying to see the scouts get excited about biking. In addition to the required 2x10 + 2x15 + 2x25 +50 mile rides, the scouts, on their own initiative, planned and executed two additional rides of 30 and 50 miles each.

    While new to scouting, I am an experienced cyclist, a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor and Coach for the League Cycling Instructor program. It is my long standing personal goal to make bicycling a safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable mode of transportation for as many people as possible through education.

    I joined the forum to learn more about scouting and to exchange information about best riding practices and teaching techniques with other Cycling Merit Badge Counselors and those wishing to promote safe cycling.

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    Good on you! My wife and I are working with my son's Troop on the Cycling MB as well. As an aside, we both are very interested in becoming LCI's, but the number and location of the courses leaves a lot to be desired.


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      If you are looking into LCI certification I presume you've taken a Traffic Skills 101 or Road I course at some time.

      Have you been using the League's basic bike handling skills and emergency maneuvers material with the scouts?

      { or maybe this conversation should move to the Advancement Resources section}

      By way of explanation, the Bike Handling Skills section of the Cycling Merit Badge booklet is nearly identical ... almost word for word ... with a portion of the League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 class. The Traffic Skills class has 8 on-bike execises. Six are are exactly training for and demonstration of Cycling Merit Badge requirements. Two others, though not listed as requirements, are described in text and diagrams in the Merit Badge Handbook.
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        Welcome to the Forums, Recycle! Great user name by the way, especially under the circumstances you describe.


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          Thank you for the welcome. It's good to be here.


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