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hallo (hey) from Holland

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  • hallo (hey) from Holland

    hi my name is Job iam Dutch. iam 14 years old .
    iam a boy scout or better said a water scout (i dont know if that is a option in the USA) for almost 2 years now, and i live in The Nederlands.
    my rank in the boat is Kwartier and what that means is that iam the captains backup i help him.
    and the reason iam on this forum is that i would like to meet some other boy scouts from the rest of the world.
    so yea thats me.

    greatings from Holland

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    Hallo Nachbar :-) Welcome to the Forum. Most of us here are scouters, as in adult leaders. But a few scouts on this board as well. American version of a water scout would be a sea scout. New Zealand has sea scouts as well. You can learn a lot to back up your captain here, aye :-) greetings from Berlin


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      Welcome to the Scouter Forum. As berliner mentioned, most of us are adults, but there are a few youth (under 18 years old) who post and comment from time to time. It'd be nice to have more youth here. They always seem to have wonderful perspectives on things.



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        i have to say that we dont sail on sea but on a lake here is a picture of our boat
        it is not big or something and the youngest we have in the boat/group is 11 years old.

        so i think that the boats we have are allot smaller but we kind of need to have them small becous of the undeep water.
        so thats the reason for not having allot of ranks.

        and thanks for the reaply's



        • qwazse
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          In the US, the size of the boat depends on the location of the unit. Many cruise on small lakes just like yours.

          Did your group build your boat? Or did you raise funds to get it?
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        Hallo Job, I'm one of the "few youth (under 18 years old) who post and comment from time to time." I'm a 16 year old and I live in Tennessee, USA. While I prefer rappelling/climbing and hiking, I still go whitewater rafting or sailing from time to time. I'm good friends with a few Sea Scouts, including the Vice President(second in command) of Sea Scouting of my Council.
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          we bought the boat this is 1 of the 4 we have
          i dont know how we bought it we have it for a long time (before i was a scout)