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Eagle Scout from Tennessee

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  • Eagle Scout from Tennessee

    I am a 15 year old Eagle Scout from BSA Troop 441 Trail of Tears District, Middle Tennessee Council. I am a member of the OA Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge based at Boxwell Reservation(MTC). I have held the positions of Scribe, Patrol Leader, and Librarian, declined the positions of Quartermaster and Historian, and am currently nominated(elections next Monday) for Senior Patrol Leader. I have attended Boxwell Reservation Summer Camp for the past 3 years and I have also attended Kodiak Leadership Training at Latimer Reservation(MTC). I joined scouts 9/27/10. I will join Venture Scouts either this winter or next spring depending on the results of the current election.

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    Welcome to the forum.


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      Welcome! Nice to have someone willing and able to set us all straight!

      Keep diving in and serving where you best can. Not sure why you would hold back on joining a crew based on your election to SPL. My crew officers take on SPL/ASPL from time to time, when that happens I just remind other venturers that they have to step, but if they don't that's cool -- we'll just do fewer activities. Even when they aren't in a position of responsibility in the crew, the SPL's often like a weekend or two when they don't have to be top dog. But I guess that depends on the attitude of your advisor and your SM and your lodge chief!


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        "Not sure why you would hold back on joining a crew based on your election to SPL."
        From my point of view the Ventures and Boy Scouts are separate, just like Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts. My troop doesn't have a Venture Patrol, I'll be going to completely different areas(probably) for camping and meetings at a different building.
        "Welcome! Nice to have someone willing and able to set us all straight!"
        Check out the "OA and Venturing" topic in the Order of the Arrow thread.


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          Our crew welcomes youth-leaders from other troops. Shoot, I have one from another state on my roster!

          From the troop side, we'd rather a youth stay on both rosters, even if it means we won't see him around as much. One of the boys in my troop was in a crew a few miles north of us. For him, it was an opportunity to take what he learned in one place and apply it to the other.

          All I'm saying is don't rule out the "both-and" option.

          I saw your post in OA, I have a few ideas you haven't considered. I'll try to cobble a reply for you later.

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        From the looks of it, you will jump to Venturing if the elction doesn't go your way. You've been in Scouting less than three years and already attained Eagle. Slow down, have some fun, and help mentor some of the younger boys with the skills you hopefully learned while working towards Eagle.


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          Originally posted by gsdad View Post
          ...Slow down, have some fun, ...
          Doncha just love the folks who think you haven't been having fun for the past 4 years? I say, keep making the fun happen! Sure maybe you have to go to a crew to do that, but you can also be the guy who organizes those HA trips for your troop.

          BTW, have you looked into the Hornaday award?

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        I have mentored the newest batch of scouts for the past year. "From the looks of it, you will jump to Venturing if the elction doesn't go your way" I have been nominated for SPL the past 3 terms and I'm almost positive that I will get it this time, if not I'd rather not keep waiting, I did get to serve as SPL during a week of summer camp at Boxwell 2013. Leadership is what I enjoy doing, if they don't see that I enjoy it and am good at it, than that is their loss. I know the adults see it because they are the ones that made it possible for me to serve as SPL during Summer Camp.Three experienced scouts and one adult(the father of one of the scouts)that are my age are leaving the troop because of the decision about gays joining scouts, I am now 3 third oldest in my troop and the oldest is already 17. I was going to change over to Ventures this past spring, but I decided to get my Eagle first, which was just completed a few months ago. I'm going to Ventures for 2 reasons: 1. To camp and hang out with scouts that are closer to my own age. 2. "have some fun" I prefer the high adventure activities and my troop rarely goes rappelling, or whitewater rafting, or cave exploring(always wanted to do that).
        "You've been in Scouting less than three years and already attained Eagle" I did that so I wouldn't have to be doing requirements for 5 years, instead I have knocked it out in 3 and can focus on enjoying scouts till I'm 18, 21 in Ventures. I also just saw a Life Scout in my troop age out right after he finished his Eagle Project because he forgot about a particular Eagle Req Merit Badge, I don't want that to be me.
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          I have looked into the Hornaday Award, I'd rather work towards the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement. Now that I look at the requirements for the NMOA again I see that you have to be a member of a Boy Scout or Varsity group, I probably will have dual membership between Boy Scouts and Ventures.