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Disappointed in behavior here.

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    I have been a moderator on a lot of other forums over the years. It's pretty much a thankless job and one gets heat over the most trivial issues.

    With that being said, this forum is by far the most civil of any I have been involved with, even the politic section.

    I was a moderator on a Civil War forum once. You can be assured the war is not over for some people.

    I'll let everyone in on my nickname Stosh. It was given to me by someone on a forum who later became quite a friend over the years. It is the name of a donkey from a book entitled "My Royal Polish Ass". Like most nicknames, it is one of my favorites and it is used exclusively on the forums.

    Stosh(This message has been edited by jblake47)


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      Speaking of Wheeler... remember FOG and Goldwinger and Juris and The Dude and Jason and Mountain Man and Old Fart and Zorn Packte and Yaworski and Pappy???

      I've been accused of being heavy-handed, capricious, stifiling, biased, a petty tyrant, running roughshod, a coward, a naked emperor, and a maniacal censor. Other stuff too. Such is the internet.

      Eamonn's advice to "take plenty of no notice" is sound.


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        Wow, those names bring back memories of some very unique dialogue...and eccentric behavior!

        I like the free-ranging threads here. Chasing rabbits, pot shots, beating of dead horses...all quite interesting and valuable.

        Nothing more annoying than nanny-like approach I see in other forums--stay strictly on topic or you'll get scolded or put in the corner.

        Thanks to the mods here for their enduring patience.


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          The best part is, I think most of who FScouter mentions was all the same guy


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            Yeah, it was OGE incognito...


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              Now that you mention it...though I had no evidence, it sure seemed that FOG was Mrs Smith as well.


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                Well I can tell you they all sure had ME fooled. And I actually kind of liked FOG. Finding out they were all the same person kind of makes that nonsensical doesn't it?


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                  EDIT: I searched the ancient threads and "Mrs. Smith" set up a thread to lobby for FOG to be banned.

                  Seemed to me, at the time, that FOG was Mrs. Smith, just baiting the forums.

                  Good times!(This message has been edited by desertrat77)


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                    Of course, what everyone must realize is that everyone should genuflect before the moderators and enjoy the majestic wash of "truth" that flows down upon them from their posts. :-)

                    Yeah, as a moderator we can get bored with the same recycled threads (patrol formation, committee chair/scoutmaster dichotomy, irate parent when a Scout leader persists in interfacing with the Scout instead of them, anti-OA discussions, ...) so sometimes we enjoy the fireworks in the Issues & Politics threads.


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                      You'd think someone would make a FAQ or something with the standard previous discussions outlined so newbs could just read it instead of posting the same questions over and over.

                      Why doesn't BSA create helpful guides that advise on these situations?


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                        Beavah tried that. He did a really good job of it too. And it didn't stop them.


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                          Being a new bee here, I sat around for months and did not post. Watching, reading, thinking. You can call it lurking if you want. I call it keeping my mouth shut until I have something to add. I have written more than a few postings, only to delete them.
                          We new bees need to have a chance to make our mistakes, and sometimes vent. This is a good place to do it.
                          This forum overall has been great. It helped me though some extremely difficult times when I thought I would abandon scouting. Here I saw other people facing similar problems.
                          If BSA created another guide it would be turn into another set of rules that people misquote or misinterpret to there own ends.
                          My guide to Scouting FAQwould start off with something simple.
                          1. Even young GOOD Scouts can at times be odd, cranky, and general pains, eventually they get over it and grow up.
                                 a. But it takes an adult/parent leader to really screw things up, often they are the first ones to quote rules without understanding.
                          2. Your 2nd hardest job will be to let the scouts screw up a little and learn by it (safely).      
                          a. Your hardest job will be to get parents to back off and let them screw up.
                          3. Learn how to push the limit SAFELY. The guide to safe scouting almost never says NO, but it does tell you what basics you need to do the job.
                          But this is another thread, that I am sure has already been discussed over and over.