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  • New ASM

    I'm a new Assistant Scoutmaster. We have been through sudden changes in leadership, have new inexperienced Scoutmaster and our small troop has doubled in size since Webelos transitioned last spring. I am looking for Workbooks, handouts etc., anything that I can show to Scouts and parents about how to meet rank advancement requirements the Boy Scout way, instead of like Cub Scouts. I found a First Class "Grubmaster" Requirements Workbook from Troop 641 that has helped them to see that meeting First Class requirements 4a-4e is not a "group activity" that they get checked off in one week. The older boys will benefit from it too, we are rural and isolated and when I asked who would be Grubmaster for the next campout - they looked at me blankly and asked "What is the grubmaster?" I am looking for other workbooks like this, or anything they can refer to, to help bring our troop up to speed. is great but I need something more detailed and less open to "interpretation". Any help out there?
    YIS and Thanks,

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    I might suggest the site . That has lots of such resources.

    As for the adults, I recommend three sites, which feature blogs and pod casts:

    Of course, do everything in the Scout handbook and the Scoutmaster Handbook.


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      WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and yes i am screaming at ya ) A few questions before I comment.

      1) How old is the troop and your older scouts?

      2)How familiar are they with the Patrol Method, i.e. the scouts are planning and doign things while the adults sit in their chairs and do not get involved except in an emergency?

      3) Have you ever heard of William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt?

      Now for some commentary, the absolute HARDEST part of your situation IMHO is that the Adults are having a hard time coming from CS mode and into BS mode, am I right or wrong?

      Some ideas to help solve that problem are the following:

      1) get a committee that is trained, supports the patrol method, and will run interference with the adults.

      2) Hold a meeting with all adults and explain how the patrol method works, how advancement works, etc. Explain that the scouts need to succeed or FAIL ( that's key concept) on their own.

      3) When you go on trips, set up activities that will keep the adults busy AND away from the Scouts.

      Now some advice.

      4) Get your PLC a copy of the Troop Program Features, Volumes 1-3, and the Troop Program Resource book. The Resource book has a CD with a ton of paperwork forms in pdf format. Those books are a resource fo r the PLC to plan their year, and each volume has 12 different activities.

      5) Get yourself and/or the SM a copy of the 3rd. ed. SM HB, volumes 1 and 2. It really sounds as if you are rebuilding a troop program, and Green Bar Bill is "DA MAN" when it comes to patrol method and troop operations. While some things in the book are outdated, i.e. trenching tents and pre Youth Protection, it is an EXCELLENT foundation wioth great ideas to help.


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        Thanks allangr1024 for those links, always looking for more stuff.

        I also agree with # 5 from Eagle92. Not only for the reading, but it's nice owning books from the late 1930's to early 1940's. Been a good read so far.


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          OH My Gosh... I wonder if they Make Something Called maybe "Boy Scout Handbook"

          Why does everyone Bash Cub Scouts?

          No Wonder Boy Scouts is Failing in Recruiting and growing


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            >> Why does everyone Bash Cub Scouts