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  • Introduction

    Hello all,

    I am a Unit Commissioner who rejoined Scouting last June (2011) after nearly a 20 year hiatus from Scouting. In my time away, I completed three higher ed degrees, become a tenured psychology professor, got married and have two wonderful boys (5 and 1 yo). Last year, after teaching a course on the psychology of happiness, I realized that an important part of my own life that was going unfulfilled was volunteerism - giving back to society. I had been reaquainted with Scouting in the "lost Eagles" campaign through which I joined the BSA alumni association as well. As a life member of NESA, I had never become involved in Scouting since I joined Alpha Phi Omega in college and fulfilled my desire for volunteerism through that outlet. In my first year as a UC, I worked closely with the Troop Committee chairman, and other adult leaders to guide the troop to the gold Journey to Excellence award and with the leaders of the pack I work with to assist them in reaching the silver level JTE.
    Most recently, I have begun to work with my university's student life office and the National office of Alpha Phi Omega to help recharter the inactive chapter on our campus. This effort is ongoing but is going well thus far. The small group of about 8 undergraduates have completed three service projects already since late June and is going to complete another in a few weeks with the local council as they volunteer to help with putting on the summerfest program here.

    Thanks for participating in this forum and for your service to Scouting! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing here!

    Vann Scott

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    Welcome to the forums. Psychology huh? Your background here could be a source of enlightenment for some and perhaps frustration for others, you included. Try to keep a sense of humor and be prepared to sift for pearls.
    If you ever get time, take a look at the Issues and Politics forum. Scan through some of that to see what I mean. It can be fun at times. Other times, well, we're just people.
    Other than that, try to focus on the boys, yours in particular. It's a LOT of fun. Mine is grown but I have a couple of grandchildren about the same ages as yours...I'm very much looking forward to a another fun ride.


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      Hello Frugal,

      Very glad to see your interesting post.

      One of my current goals is contact fifty people on the Scouting Alumni list who live in my district and to invite them to become active on the unit or district level.

      The example you provide could be my inspiration!


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        Be careful, one of your boys is quickly approaching Tiger age and if you truly love scouting, your son needs to join. Even if your wife is the Tiger parent, it is the best thing. My son started out as a Tiger and now is working on his Bear requirements. I can understand about getting caught up in academia since I am myself a returning university student, yet I concentrated on my son's scouting journey. So far this is the best summer I have had working at Day Camp, going to resident camp and more to come.


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          As a (former) academic I encourage you to get involved. Not only is it fun bust fascinating for people watching.


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            As a (former) academic I encourage you to get involved. Not only is it fun bust fascinating for people watching.


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              One of the really critical things for every Cub Pack is to get a Tiger Cub Den started with a quality program promptly at the beginning of each school year. That's one of the things I keep my eye on as a UC for a pack.

              Personally I thing the Tiger Cub program is the best year of Cub Scouts, unless you have a really good Webelos program that has hiking and camping with a troop.


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                Welcome. I am also an Eagle Scout and Alpha Phi Omega alumnus. After a five year hiatus I returned to scouting as a unit commissioner in my new town. I was quickly adopted by one of my units as an assistant scoutmaster. It's a good fit and they will allow me the flexibility I desire (can miss a few weekly meetings and camp outs). I will remain on the books as a commissioner per the DC's request.

                After an 8 year hiatus, I have returned to APO as an active member of the NJ Alumni Association and serve as a sectional scouting and youth services coordinator.