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    This is one of the beautiful things about an online system. The case that texas provided doesn't ever happen. Instead, this is what happens:

    Parent: Bobby, you just completed elective 10 for your Tiger! Here, let me check it off in CubTrails on my phone.
    ... 10 electives later ...
    Electronic Leader logs in: Oh, cool. Bobby earned a bead! And I can see that three of them were completed in den meeting, and 7 of them were at home! Let me queue this up on a shopping list for our awards person.
    Awards person logs in: OK, I need to get 5 beads: 2 for Johnny, 1 for Bobby, and 2 for Billy

    That's the power of an online system...


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      One other thought... I didn't give credit to texas' argument:

      The point about being able to just say you did 10 electives and get a bead is a completely valid one. I agree with you on that one.

      But there are areas where it matters to track the individual achievements as well.

      You kinda need it both ways.


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        Can it package and mail the beads to me?


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          I can't tell if you're joking or not, but I've looked into it. Next I'll work on having it run your den meetings and handing out awards at pack meeting. (This message has been edited by Cubtrails)


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            Ignore this post, I'm just testing forum security.

            Which, incidentally, isn't very good!!(This message has been edited by cubtrails)


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              If it can staple the Tiger dongle bead thingie to the Tigers chest I am in!


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                Cubtrail Wrote
                ""This is one of the beautiful things about an online system. The case that texas provided doesn't ever happen. Instead, this is what happens:""

                What Exactly Happened in My Case..
                Tiger Cub Scouts earned beads..Colored in their Paws..Reported to Me with Parents. I acknowledged the Beads Earned..I turned in Each Scout's Total beads..
                Advancement/Awards person who uses an Electronic Tracker tells me in order for Beads to be awarded they had to have a Specific total for each elective before Beads could be awarded..Which is Not How the Official Tiger Cub Book does it. So None of My Tiger Cub scouts Were Credited as Earning any Tracking Beads their Tiger Year.

                So in my case since a Committee position wants to use a Paid for service, everyone else is being forced to also. Otherwise We do not get awards.

                Now don't get me wrong I believe that electronics can be an excellent tool, it can't be the only tool used.

                Also There needs to be something New About each program to make it different or Better than whats already there. I am looking for something as a Back up to Pen and Paper and I was interested in What Makes this Program easier and Better to use


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                  Actually, the "official Tiger Cub Book" has the den leader signing off on each specific elective next to "Akela"'s (parent) signature.

                  I always checked because there were often electives we did in the den that the parent did not include.

                  It should have been easy enough for you to go thru and enter the specific electives completed online.

                  If that was to much to do in order to insure your Tigers got their correct awards, you could have requested the Advancement Chair to simply check off any electives to match the number of beads you had requested.

                  Or you could have gone to the Scout Shop yourself and purchased a packet or two of Tiger Track beads.