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    I was a scout in the late 60's in Troop 151 in Nutley, NJ. I went to camp at Camp Tamarack which is now gone.

    Lately, I hiked to Camp Burch in Colorado. It was the first camp in Colorado built in the 20's. Although it is in ruins, it brought back a lot of good memories.

    Looking back, I realize the leadership and followership teaching in scouts was much better than I got at the Air Force Academy.

    I've been reading through the merit badge requirements and also reading the forums for the last week or so. It's not the good old days. In many ways, it's better.

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    Since there are many who would disagree with your position(I wasn't around and reserve my opinion) and we don't often hear from someone who doesn't have an axe to grind.

    A) Could you elaborate on what ways you think it is better now, than then?

    B) Could you give some example of things you think could be improved by going back to how it was then, and how/why?


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      It is funny how much we gripe. I was looking at brass plaques of Troop Eagles going back into the 50's. With a Troop of 75 boys with 60 actives we have averaged about 4-6 Eagles a year. In the years 1961-65 our Troop was 35-40 boys and averaged 4-6 Eagles a year.


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        A. How is it better now?

        I like the idea of having choices. I missed Eagle because of one requirement on the Lifesaving merit badge. I wasn't able to retrieve a weight from the bottom of a lake as I got disoriented in murky water. It didn't affect my life any, but it is a disappointment.

        B. How could it be improved now?

        I'm not in scouting, so it's just a general comment.

        I think the learning should be relevant to the life the kids are leading and to what will happen the next few years. It should also be doable in the area they live. This might mean different tracks to Eagle Scout in different parts of the country.

        Scouting should be a safe haven for all the boys. For some it might be a place to relax away from a bad family situation. Maybe they aren't interested in advancement and just want friends.

        I'm not much of a leader. I prefer to be a good follower in the workplace. I'm thankful for all my boss does for me. In the same way, I'm thankful for all the good adult organizers and leaders in scouting. It's really not my place to make big suggestions.


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          Thanks for your reply!