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    Hello all! I was recently pointed in this direction and figured I'd sign up. 38 yr old father of 4 our first year in scouts. My youngest son just moved on to Webelos. We have a small pack at the moment, hoping to have many more next year. I'm hoping to learn a lot hanging around here. I was never blessed with scouting when I was younger. I'm learning as fast as I can, but have a long road ahead of me. I felt I was very lacking in my first year as Cubmaster. Stage freight, no fun factor, had no idea what to do. That will change this coming year, though. I bought plenty of books and am reading and learning all I can.
    The reason I wanted my son(and myself) to join scouts is pretty simple. Morals these days are few and far between. I see too many baggy britches, crooked caps, and bangers. I am determined to change that in my community. My biggest hurdle thus far is not getting boys interested, but getting their parents to pull away from the TV and be a positive influence in their boys' lives. There are too many other influences that grab a boy's attention when the parents are "too busy". Just in 1 year, I have seen a positive change in not only my son, but in myself. I actually feel a desire to be positive and spread positivity throughout the community.
    I am an outdoor nut. Born and raised in the Texas Hill Country. I am heavily into wilderness survival, bushcraft, and the like. It's a lifestyle and a passion that will never leave me. I'm rambling. It's time to read and learn. Looking forward to doing my best. Regards, Lionel

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    Greetings, Lionel.

    Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your pack. I'm sure it will be much easier now that you have a year under your belt. I am just taking the reins as Cubmaster, after stints as a Den Leader and Assistant, so I'vr been doing a lot of "studying up" as well. I've found this forum to be very informative.



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      Welcome to the virtual campfire! Enjoy the warm glow of the "fire", grab a chair and a cup of your favorite beverage, hang out here with no bugs and above all keep your sense of humor!


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        Sounds like you will have the time to get good at your job! Excellent!
        Yes, welcome to the Forums ("a funny thing happened on the way to the...")

        Be interested in your Cubs.
        Speak to them as "Cubs", "boys", "Scouts", "campers", etc. AVOID thd "G" word ((guys!)).
        Encourage the parents to get involved. Take one aside and ASK 'em to take on a project/activity/task. Make it personal.
        Learn silly cheers and songs. Don't be afraid to make the Pack Meetings fun:
        Divide the group into three groups. Instruct each thus: #1, yell "DO!" #2, yell "YOUR!" #3, yell "BEST!" Be the band director and direct them in the cheer, DO - YOUR - BEST! then DOOOOO, YOOOOOOUR, BEEEEEEEST, then DO YOUR DO YOUR DO YOUR BEEEEEST! and so forth....

        KiS MiF .


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          Thank y'all for the warm welcome and the tips! Next year is gonna rock!