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New Advancement Chair in North Texas

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  • New Advancement Chair in North Texas

    I have been put in charge of the Advancements for my son's Cub Scout Pack. I am realizing that figuring out the Internet Advancement site is a full time job. Apparently, it does not like recording belt loops. So, I am looking anywhere I can to figure it out. That is when I stumbled upon this site. I look forward to the new insights.

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    First off, welcome, and Howdy from North Texas as well.

    Belt Loops are only true advancement for some Webelos activity pins.

    For the most part, they are just an extra thing to work on to draw interest, not really advancement stuff. Good Luck with the new venture.


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      Welcome to what I like to call: The "REAL WORLD" of scouting!

      Forget all the hype you read in the scout leader books, THis is where you find out the real story!

      We used to use PackMaster, but after it went to an online set up, it became useless. Wouldn't update, wouldn't take info, wouldn't record some scouts. it would never sync between Den Leaders.

      Scoutnet works great, but only to record and share with council/ National - it doesn't track progress( in the way most people would like).

      I have heard great things from Scout trax. Never used it myself except in demos, but most all of my leaders do. ( I am the CubMaster of my pack) .

      It's also free. It was dveloped by a scout leader too.

      Look up "scout trax" or specifically for "Tiger trax" , Bear trax" , Wolf trax" ,etc....


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        We opted for ScoutManage and are loving it.


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          Another vote for ScoutManage!


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            Another vote for the trax software, and thumbs down for ScoutManage (sorry!)


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              The Trax spreadsheets are fine for individual den management.

              However, when talking about managing the entire PACK, they do not work.

              A Pack Advancement Chair must coordinate awards for all of the dens. This chore is made infinitely easier using a Pack Management product like ScoutManage, Packmaster, or ScoutTrack.


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                That's a good point and our AC created his own spreadsheet for the Pack. However he is a computer guy.

                We looked into all the advancement platforms, both online as well as PackMaster, but found they were either too limited, too hard to use, or too expensive.

                Since the DLs weren't interested in doing stuff electronically and the AC didn't want to use it we go with spreasheets for dens and the pack. Perhaps more low tech but simple free and customizable.