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  • Trying

    Had a hard time getting in, if this posts, happy to be here.

    Some combination of the site, trying on a Mac, an iPad and/or the apostrophe in my last name, it would never work. In any case, I fired up windows and tried the entire process over again with a forwarding email address, now I'm on.

    In any case, I was highly involved in scouting as a youth. One of the first Tigers, Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout, Silver Palm, OA Brotherhood, etc. I also started an Explorer Post with several friends in high school and then I worked at Philmont for 4 summers (96-99).

    Then I took off 12 years until my son became Tiger Cub age this last fall. Jumped into doing the ACM and TCDL jobs. Planning to take Woodbadge at Philmont this sumemr and be the CM next year.

    Glad to be back involved and happy to finally contribute to the board after months of waiting.(This message has been edited by Cito)

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    Sorry for the difficult time you had to get registered. You are not the first to complain of this..

    Anyway, welcome, sounds like your son will have a very exciting career in scouting with a father who is so excited to jump in and get involved with it.

    So do you live close by Philmont, that you are taking Woodbadge training there rather then in you council.. If so, that will be awsome for training and for adventurous events..


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      Welcome to the campfire


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        Apple should work after initial login, I use a Windows machine, a Mac Air, and am on a 3GS iPhone typing this.


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          Everything seems to work just fine now, posting on an iPad.

          Moosetracker, I live in Denver but honestly I'm a Philmont guy. I would be willing to travel further. The big reason besides location is that I like the idea of doing it all in one week. Two weekends with space in between seems less immersive.

          The course that I'm doing is offered through circle ten council. I'm trying to recruit a few more outsiders if anyone is interested.


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            I'm on Ubuntu Linux using Firefox and have no problems.



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              Welcome to the forums! Thank you for giving back to Scouting what Scouting has given you.

              I've got to say, you are in for a great treat at WB at Philmont. I took the course offered through Circle 10 there as well, and the CD for the course you're taking is a great Scouter and a good friend. He is the former SM and CM of the troop and pack I'm with now.Needless to say, I have to follow in some pretty big shoes! Actually, there are a lot of great scouters on that course. I wish you the best, CM is the greatest job!


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                Thanks OwntheNight. Even more proof what a small world scouting can be. I was excited before, but now doubly so.