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Denner cords~who pays?

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  • Denner cords~who pays?

    I'm thinking of initiating a denner position in my Tiger cub den. Do the funds to purchase it come from teh pack fund or do I have to pass the hat in the den meeting. The pack has paid for all other emblems, patch's, loops, pins etc. Seems like they should pick this up too.

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    Every pack manages these things differently. Ask your cubmaster or committee chair if this is in the budget.
    I'm assuming that you are only getting one set of chords for the den that gets passed from boy to boy as they rotate the position. That's a good case for either den or the pack (not the boy) saddling that cost. If your den had the most popcorn sales, that would be even a better case for the pack picking up the tab!


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      Since this is such a small cost, the Pack usually purchases the Den Chief cords.


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        the way our pack operates, we could easily just give the receipt to the treasurer for reimbursement...... but for the small cost, I wouldn't bother personally.

        My son's DL is just starting to do the denner thing. I think it's a good idea.... but it's a modified program. Basically just letting any boy that wants to (or parent that says he does) take a meeting to lead with his parent. We're really doing it like the Tiger shared leadership and Tioger Parent partner thing is supposed to work...... except we're Bear year.

        I thought about picking up the denner cords, or just using the asst denner cords that my mom saved from when I was a boy..... but most of our boys don't wear the uniforms to the den meetings anyway so I figure why bother.


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          Thanks for the replies. As it turns out, the pack leader did pick them up for me and gave them to me at the pack meeting. I made my son the Denner and another boy the assistant Denner. They both have shown the most leadership so far and deserve the first turn. Some of the other parents gave sort of a cold reception to it at the den meeting even though I told everyone it is a temporary position and boys who are interested in increased leadership (helping out) etc. could have an opportunity in a month or so. I think full uniforms are important, shirts tucked in etc and I'm enforcing it. There are several boys who just flat out refuse to cooperate and show little to no teamwork. I'm still thinking about how or even if I want to give them opportunity to wear the cords with their poor attitude and effort.