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Earning belt loop twice

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  • Earning belt loop twice

    We have some boys that have completed belt loop requirements multiple times. (For example, we have many boys that play city league basketball/baseball/soccer) so they are in these sports every year.

    We have said that our unit will only pay for the belt loop the first time and after that, the boy needs to work on his academic/sports pin. If I play this out in a worst case scenario, a boy could earn the SAME belt loop every week he goes to practice and plays a game. :-(

    I start to get confused when looking at Webelo requirements and it tells the boys they must complete the belt loop again, even if they earned it earlier. (For example, aquanaut requires the boy to re-earn his swimming belt loop).

    How do other units handle this?

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    They can be earned multiple times.

    Our pack provides the first one. Repeats are paid for by the family.


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      We award once......the boys can earn it 100 times but the pack only buys the award once.


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        To OP: my son earned his Flag Football loop and pin when he first started playing in 1st grade. When he started 4th grade and became a webelos, he earned it again. It was not awarded again, BUT it was counted for one of the requirements in the Sportsman webelos pin.

        So they can earn it again as webelos and it counts towards the requirements in webelos activity pins, but they are (usually) not awarded more than once.

        Make sense?


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          My pack we give the card and belt loop or pin the first time earned.
          and give a card the first time earned as a webelos.

          any other time you want to work on the requirements, you can send your grown up to the scout shop to buy duplicate belt loops or pins.


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            Also, keep in mind that most of the Webelos activity badges have options for completing the badge that do not require the belt loop.

            If I remember correctly, Citizen requires the Citizenship belt loop, Sportsman requires 2 individual and 2 team sports belt loops, and Scientist requires the Science belt loop. Of these, Citizen is the only one that is required for Webelos badge/Arrow of Light.

            While it is perfectly fine within the requirements to re-earn a belt loop previously earned, as a parent (not necessarily as a leader) I would encourage my scout to complete a requirement he has not done before.


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              Our pack simplified it as: earn a BL or pin once as a Tiger/Wolf/Bear and once again as a Webelos


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                This is a really good question that I was wondering myself. My son has earned quite a bit of belt loops since he was a Bear last year. Our Pack is small and basically startng over. So I thought that maybe it would be better for him to move on and work on the requirements to receive a pin for each because he can be challenged a little more.