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What is it about Scouting.....

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  • What is it about Scouting.....

    I find this used to be with me that if a football game or a college basketball game was one TV I was in front of it. Now......If I am not getting ready for the next den meeting and/or Pack outing, helping my son with his Scout projects, or exploring the world of scouting on-line I might consider watching the game.

    What is it about Scouting that gets you hooked like this? Honestly, it is a little weird to me that I have become like this. I am not obsessed (no really...I am not) but I sure believe in the program.

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    Some of that has to do with "What is it about parenting, that flips your priorities around".. Part of it is the excitement of having something fun to do with your children that you both find common enjoyment in. Kids grow too fast not to savor every enjoyment you can with them.


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      You're not alone...I'm in the same boat. I was a big sports watcher, now, I can't remember the last game I watched from start to finish. Always seem to be spending more time with my kids, getting den stuff ready for the coming week and planning future meetings.

      My only regret, not getting my son into scouting 2 years earlier (he started out as a Bear).


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        That not a result that is unique to Scouting. I have the same "affliction" with Marching Band and Baseball.

        It's called parenting.


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          Sorry never had to deal with the problem as I've been hooked on Scouting since I became a Wolf in 3rd grade way back in the day.

          Now I did have to decide whether I was going to OA Fall Fellowship, OA Ordeal, etc or go camping with the pack my son and I are in

          Next year's conflict OA fellowship and CS Family Campout may be very intersting as the Vigil Honor ceremonies are done then, and I may need to be there. Luckily there are 2 council family campouts.


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            Naw, it has nothing to do with parenting. I was in scouts before my kids, and now my kids are grown up and flown the nest and I'm still doing scouting. It's an obsession that I don't have to live my life through my kids, I just live my life with my kids. Some of them I've had to borrow these past few years, but they're still mine nonetheless.