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  • Cub Scout Den Leader

    Hi all. Any tips, tricks or ideas on how to get your cubs to learn the Cub Scout Promise? I have 9 boys and this is my first try at den leader and I don't wana drill them I want them to have fun while learning it. Thank you.....Lewis

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    My wife is a Tiger cub den leader (a great one in my opinion) and she printed up each line of the "law of the pack" in a different color and a large font(the first line was red, the next blue and so on). She then cut the lines up into the words and put them all into an envelope. With their parents help them put the sentences back together.
    She did this with the promise, and the law and it seemed to help them.


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      There is no need for "drilling" This is not the army. Repetition is the best way to learn something.

      Do the Promise in a repeat-after-me manner (using the Cub Scout Sign) in every den opening ceremony. Eventually it will become second nature to them.

      Remember, the criteria for any Cub Scout award is "Do Your Best", and every Scouts best is different.

      Games also help to reinforce the words. A relay race between the Tiger Teams to see who can put the words to the Promise and/or Law together correctly is fun.

      Make bookmarks with the Promise and Law, and decorate them with leaf rubbings.

      Put the Promise and Law on index cards to be put on the Tiger Teams fridge at home.


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        Hi here is what I am doing, I took craft sticks painted them yellow and blue and wrote the promise out a few lines at a time with a marker, Kid will have to unscramble the oath and when he does, will take a piece of cardboard glue them down on it and take a string attach it he hang it on the wall. Just make it fun. Like you new at this too, hope this helps.


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          A game that worked GREAT with my Den as Tigers (and for any age) - I used popcicle sticks and wrote one line each of the Promise and the Law of the Pack per stick. Make about 5 to 10 sets. Then make a few random lines or funny lines on other sticks (i.e. A scout is goofy / A scout is always quiet).

          Then our opening Den game was a "pick up sticks" game. Throw the sticks in a pile on the floor and whoever gets the Promise and Law in the right order 1st wins. Better yet, group the scouts into pairs or 3-somes and pretty soon the guys that know it will be TEACHING it to the ones that are unsure.

          I a few meetings - everyone will know it. Then you have teams of 4 do the promise, but each team member can only get one line and they have to line up in correct order to be the winning team. It turns the learning and repetition into a game, so they don't get bored and it feeds their competitive nature - plus they learn it and it sticks with them.


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            Thanks so much for the awsome info. I knew coming here would be the best info I could get. Thnx


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              I sit my cubs in a circle and have them say the pledge one word at a time going around. The den chief stands in the middle and turns around pointing at the next scout. The goal is to make the den chief dizzy. They grow secure in what word comes next and have to pay attention to know their word.


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                I have a bunch of new scouts this year, and I made a "cheat sheet" up for the parents. I had them work on the material at bedtime. So along with their prayers, they'd do, say the Cub scout motto, etc. 6 of my 7 new guys had earned their Bobcat badge in less than 3 weeks. Works like a charm!


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                  I gave each boy an index card for the bathroom mirror to sudy when brushing their teeth.

                  Worked well.


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                    Read it with the Scouts at every den meeting. Have the scouts in pairs quiz each other.