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"Leave No Trace" trademark infringement?

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  • "Leave No Trace" trademark infringement?

    I am not a lawyer so I have no idea if this is a problem. I only bring it up so that someone who knows more than me might educate me.

    Take a look at this messaging website:

    Notice they trademark the phrase "Leave No Trace". Is that an issue for BSA? Is it an issue for

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    I think there are something like 15 different business segments in which one can have a trademark ... what is trademarked in one segment does not affect trademarks in others.


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      Leave no Trace is trademarked by the Center for Outdoor Ethics.


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        It could be an issue, but BSA doesn't have a dog in this fight. Next move, as perdi says, would be up to the COE.
        And yes, non-profits can sue unrelated for-profits for trademark infringement.

        Still, the only way it would be an issue is if consumers of one product are likely to be misled to using the other product. Frankly, if COE were to win in this scenario, I think they would be best served by settling for a public disclaimer on any of Wickr's marketing that would recognize the infringement and give consumers the opportunity to on to COE's sites.


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          According to the US Patent and Trademark office there are four companies that currently have "Leave no trace" registered.

          Wickr for computer application software.
          La Jolla Sport USA for apparel.
          Leave No Trace, LLC for firearm attachments (expended bullet collector).
          US Department of Agriculture for responsible use of wild lands.

          Another company L'Oreal USA Creative has filed for use as a nail polish remover.


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            So if you invent a fantastic new glass cleaner that leaves no streaks you could also trademark "Leave no trace". Just don't try to offer training courses in being environmentally responsible in the outdoors.


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              Might be dodgy if you try to promote it as an environmentally friendly solvent.

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            "Be Prepared" and "Philmont" are registered trademarks of BSA.


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              Thanx everybody. I guess I was over reacting.