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    Sounds like they're trying to make themselves liability proof. I wonder how COs will respond when they learn THEY are the ones in the food chain with the deep pockets?

    I agree it would be pretty tacky to prevent TL troops from renting council facilities. But councils dang well better to some real cost accounting to figure out what rent needs to be.


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      It looks as if TLUSA will be providing the liability insurance. I would assume by that, that TLUSA will be providing the YPT and background checks.

      Link did not really work as intended: so here is a copy/paste from the Charter Agreement:
      Trail Life USA agrees to:
      1. Respect the aims and objectives of the organization and offer online, printed, and volunteer support resources to help in meeting
      those objectives.
      2. Make available training, service, and program materials to the organization and its Troop.
      3. Make available proven methods for selecting quality unit leaders.
      4. Provide general liability insurance to cover the Chartered Organization, its board, officers, representatives, employees and volunteers
      currently registered with Trail Life USA. Coverage is provided with respect to the claims arising out of official Trail Life USA activities;
      coverage is excess over any insurance which may be available to the volunteer. [For loss arising from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor
      vehicle or watercraft, insurance is only available while the vehicle or watercraft is in use by a Trail Life USA Troop and being used for an official Trail Life USA activity.]
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      2Cub: I can say quite confidently that IF my council would rent to TLUSA, they will charge top-dollar. They already stick out-of-council BSA units with an extra charge (while running at about 1/2-2/3 capacity during their last session!?!?!). Our neighbor council does not charge a premium to the out-of-council troops. They get the units that could be coming to our camp and are running at maximum capacity.

      Anyway, if I'm reading this new group correctly, they won't be coming around begging BSA for a full-on facility use for a summer camp. At most, they might use them for a weekend of COPE course, or shooting range use....stuff like that.


      • King Ding Dong
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        Just a guess, but I really doubt TL would want to rent a BSA facility. It would necessarily be more expensive than a BS unit would be charged and show the boys what great facilities the BS have that they don't have. (Assuming you have great facilities in your council)

        It appears every council handles COPE and climbing differently but ours does not provide instructors to units. Units must send their leaders to training and get qualified. This makes it very inexpensive for units to use utilize those programs but harder for outside groups as staff would have to be recruited and possibly compensated.

        No matter what the BSA charged it would receive considerable criticism. Either "your fleecing us" or "your giving it away to a competitor".

      • JoeBob
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        Actually, KDD, BSA may not want Trail Life on their property to avoid being shown up.

        If TLUSA can truly develop and run an OUTDOOR program that maximizes time on the trail instead of time in the classroom, BSA may not want their other troops to be exposed to old-time Scouting. Err - Trailing!

      • King Ding Dong
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        JoeBob, that is possible, but why would TL even consider being in close proximity to all these avowed gay Boy Scouts promoting their lifestyle ? That is allegedly the problem, isn't it ?

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      The BSA has been light in the hiking boots since 1972, when it took the "trail life" out of the Patrol Method and replaced it with "leadership skills."

      In a perfect world, Trail Life would spurn BSA camps because they are designed for Webelos III car camping. In this perfect world, Trail Life would bring the excitement of physical distance back to outdoor programs, and through competition in the marketplace bring Scouting back to Scouting.

      However there is a saying in Baden-Powell Scouting: When WOSM members join non-WOSM associations, they usually seek to establish exactly the same program from whence they came, minus the one program element that caused them to leave.

      Note that two-thirds of Trail Life's "Watchwords" (aims) are "Character and Leadership,” the consistently anti-Scoutcraft battle-cry of the "leadership skills" crowd since 1965.

      Yours at 300 feet,

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      • WAKWIB
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        Well, for the record Kudu, while folks on the Trail Life forum were discussing program back in the middle of summer I beat the drum a bit for "traditional scouting" and posted the link to your site. Maybe someone involved in the formation got a hold of it.
        Their list of 15 required trail badges seems to have a strong outdoor skill emphasis including: camping, outdoor cooking, trail skills, ropework, woods tools, and outdoor life.
        The chatter on their forums, and by their top people in interviews, talk-up a robust outdoor program.