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Trail Life confused over who they are?????

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    This is like watching a train wreck. TLUSA is going to have conversion therapy for gay Trailmen? For a group that wasn't going to be about sex, it seems they are neck-deep in it. From the Orlando Sentinel:
    And while Trail Life will ban openly gay boys, if a child shows same-sex attraction or "gender confusion," he will be counseled by the church ministry along with his parents.

    "Twenty-five percent of younger boys experience some sense of gender confusion or sexuality fluidity and we will help guide him in a way that affirms his God-given physical biology," said Trail Life board chairman John Stemberger, an Orlando attorney and Eagle Scout who fought the inclusion of gay scouts.


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      CalicoPenn, where are you when we need you?

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    Can you say lawsuit?? Quackery is never a good thing. Says with counseling with parents, hopefully that means allowing the parents the ability to tell them to take a flying leap before they every say one word to the child.. Even still, if the parents decide you made things decidedly worse, they can still sue.

    Some thread a while back said LDS was thinking they would use BSA for this purpose if they by chance netted a likely candidate.. Hopefully they have rethought this as LDS only have LDS members in their scout programs 99.9% of the time, so they can just do it through the church without involving BSA in their eventual lawsuits..Because I find it hard to believe that that .01% of scouts who is not an LDS member would happen to be a homosexual youth.


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      This is perhaps too close to the ground to be representative.

      After the death of my son and my wife's self-imposed alienation, I found solace in the dance classes that we had been pursuing as a couple. Such that group classes are still my main form of a social life.

      In one class is a homosexual whom I am very proud to call my friend. In listening to his conversations with our teacher (female) , there is a sizable homosexual population within the LDS. My ballroom instructor, very obviously gay, is also Mormon.

      If the Mormon Church wants to deal with homosexuality, then it needs to do so on its own. BSA need not be involved.

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    Well just gotta share this. Locally we had one unit switching to faith based boys.......well guess who shows up to roundtable last night. Well since they are letting gays in as well no point in changing.....welcomed him back....bought him a coffee and cookie at break......there free.


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      Trail Life will work out just fine and be great for some folks. It will grow but will likely remain small compared to the BSA. The BSA, on the other hand, has it's own issues and bloated professional bureauracy that takes the joy out of doing volunteer work. I will not miss FOS campaigns and always wondering why the money is being wasted.


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        Yeah, I recently left working at district level and I'm now doing UC work and will help with a training course if asked.. My husband keeps asking if I am going to District committee meetings for the last 3 months, I keep telling him No, I am no longer in District.. This Monday, he was asked if I would be interested in a position, he said he thought I would.. I had to email back and say "No thanks"..

        I too got fed up with the professional bureauracy.. Or maybe for me it's more like back stabbing.. I liked our DE, he made some mistakes but he had passion for the job and cared about us volunteers.. He raised our district form last position to top position.. But, someone in Council wanted him gone because he didn't kiss a$$ enough around there.. So they set the bar too high to make.. I like the new DE, I hope he does well, but don't need to deal with that stuff during my free time.. I have enough of it in my 9-5 job.