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Megachurch Southeast Christian to drop BSA

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  • Megachurch Southeast Christian to drop BSA


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    While the vote was the “catalyst,” it wasn’t the only issue, he said. Rather, it was the Boy Scouts’ direction and the desire to keep the church from getting caught up in it, he said. “We want everyone, including ourselves, to live by biblical standards,” Hester said. The way I read that is. "The BSA was not Christian enough for us and would not let us take them over, they are heritics"


    • le Voyageur
      le Voyageur commented
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      I'v always found it it interesting how certain religiou sects will cherry pick the biblical standards they want everyone else to follow..... as Teaparty Jesus is so found of saying..."Do unto others before they do unto you."

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    this is a non story...

    The church decided to not renew it's charter before the vote.....Now they are going to try to link it to the vote.


    • Basementdweller
      Basementdweller commented
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      They being the media.....Not the church......

      My commanding skill of the written language...come on now ya know what I was thinking

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    If that is correct, Basementdweller, then they are liars and certainly not adhering to Christian values.


    • Basementdweller
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      from the link
      Tim Hester, executive pastor of Southeast Christian, said the youth organization’s consideration of that issue started the discussion that eventually led to the church’s board of elders deciding against renewing the church’s charter with Troop 212, but it wasn’t the deciding issue.

      The charter was going to be broken regardless of the Boy Scout vote, he said."

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    I try to always be respectful of all religious organizations, but in this case, BSA is better off not being associated with Southeast Christian. Scouts there should be encouraged to either find a new charter org for the entire unit, or find new units.


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      KDD. Another way to read this is..."As per our charter agreement with the BSA, we operate our scouting program to meet our youth development goals. The BSA has chosen a more secular path than we are comfortable using for our youth development program. As such, we are ending our relationship."


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        In a near by council there are three Baptist units who will not have their charter renewed. One other unit I know was holding off on their recharter at their COR's request until the vote was taken. After the vote the COR called the unit to say their charter would not be renewed for 2013. That's 4 units now looking for homes which they had prior to the vote.


        • Krampus
          Krampus commented
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          KDD...let's not go there. Each side proclaims to know how Jesus would have thought on this issue and neither has a clue. We have a moral stand off and the Baptists are within their right to follow theirs. I suspect those on the other side of this debate would have done something similar like left Scouting had the proposal not passed. Let's not throw stones.

        • King Ding Dong
          King Ding Dong commented
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          Fair enough.

          I and others have stated this board that whatever the decision, scouting is larger than this one issue and would remain with the program. I have not seen many that said they would abandon the program if the vote did not go their way.

        • moosetracker
          moosetracker commented
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          Those who currently charter BSA Units yet feel the treatment of homosexuals to be wrong have either chosen to host BSA units anyway while fighting for change, or never started a unit due to it, or have been slowly dropping them over time.. So I doubt many would have left due to the vote, which just having the vote proved the tied was changing and they were close to a change..

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        I really like this article.....

        Especially like the

        Fishers of men.....


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          Well, it appears that at least some Catholics are not necessarily in favor of throwing the baby out with the water. This article says it pretty well, from my perspective.

          In another of the related threads, there is a supposed statement from a Methodist church. I do not claim to know the details related to legal issues, but my understanding is that the National Council insurance would continue to be in affect if something occurred. Some people are simply looking for excuses; and this one seems to fit that category from my perspective.


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            Below is Senior Pastor Dave Stone's video reply to the church family in response to media coverage regarding the church's decision to drop the scouting units at the end of the year. Click on Week 3 to play the message. The message was played this past weekend for all services at all satellite campuses before the regularly scheduled sermon.


            (I am not sure how long this link will stay active. Likely only one more week or so.)


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              Sadly since this issue came up we have 9 Scout and 5 Cub units in our District who lost their charter. Gladly, our CO is picking up one Cub unit and we have offered to take in Scouts from the closest other units.


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                Krampus thanks to you and your CO for doing the christian thing and leading a hand to those who need it. you guys did your good turn that day.


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                  Yeah this summer as a UC I organized a meeting between the IH of our catholic church and the key three of the BS & CS units.. I had a fear there maybe some issue as the only member of the church who had a son in the CS unit left stating it was due to religious reasons.. The IH seemed like a laid back guy and never had approached anyone with concern on the issue.. But, the guy also made it sound like there might be a vote by the Catholic church in January, so I though we might as well discuss it and be prepared if there was an issue or possible future one..

                  No issue in the Catholic church.. The father of this church held the same view I did, that though they have a right to their religious views, so does everyone else have a right to practice theirs.. He had already discussed things with the higher uppers (whoever those are, I am not Catholic).. And they have no issue with the youth vote, and have already discussed the inevitable future vote for the adults, they have already decided that when that happened, there would be no issue with them at that time either.. (I assume this is with the expectation that they are not forced to accept adult leaders they feel are not suitable.) He also agrees that it would be wrong to work with a child in a youth group for years, then kick them out when he decides he is a homosexual. By then the church and the boy have established a relationship with each other.

                  The church also currently hosts a Girl Scout unit, and.. Well we aren't yet as liberal then them even if we accept in the adult homosexuals as leaders.. I thought it funny that so many have stated my viewpoint so insensitive to Catholics especially, and I find talking to them, their viewpoint is in line with them.. Well OK, I would except the homosexual leader if he/she did not have other reason they would not make good candidates.. But, I never was of the opinion everyone must accept homosexual leaders, simply that everyone should have the right to local option in choosing what did and what did not make an acceptable adult leader, based on their viewpoints.

                  Sounded like this guy tried to talk his catholic priest into kicking us out, and tell him what his viewpoints should be on the subject, and the Priest tried to talk him down from the ledge.. Sounded like the guys politics told him what his religion should believe in, not his religion. If he had stated he was leaving due to his politics and not due to his religious beliefs, I could have saved myself a meeting in the middle of the summer.. But it was good in other ways, we cleared up a lot of issues and got on the same page about many things.. I think it will be good to have one annually. (Just not mid Summer, that was difficult to get everyone together for.)


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                    So far in this area, I don't know of a single unit that isn't continuing almost as if nothing changed. After all that noise, people mostly seem to have shrugged. We'll see how things go later in the fall.


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                      Two units (of which I'm aware) in our district which seem to be in flux. One seems to be the unit leaders leading the charge, the other it seems to be the church doing the pushing.

                      Leave, don't leave, I'm over it. If a Scout shows up looking for a new home, we'll welcome them. If you need me I'll be at the Scout House every Tuesday night, camping the first weekend of every month....