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Current BSA Policy Vs local option poll

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    The beginning of the end of my unit started tonight.......The phone call I have dreaded happened....One of my Bible thumping parents contacted the COR about the gay leader in the unit. The next phone call was from a Pack committee member, if Mr. J is asked to leave, expect my resignation and the CM, CC WDL and BDL.....that will kill the Pack. I will have lost my second adult for troop outings....killing the troops outdoor program.

    It is hard enough to recruit volunteers, good ones are like gold, harder yet to get them trained for their positions and then for them to do their job well. To have one person who isn't active in either Units leadership to be able to decapitate both units...........

    I completely exhausted. I just don't understand the hatred.

    I ponder my own membership at this point, At least we haven't paid for summer camp yet.


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      I don't know that it's fair to label what happened here as hatred. I would see it as a parent that is concerned about what kind of influences their son is being put into contact with. Does it have to be more than that?


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        Knowing the Parent involved it was hatred or post from earlier this morning disappeared......

        But the family are bible thumpers....Oddly they have known about the gay leader for 5 years and did nothing till lastt sunday when they went to the COR. So instead of moving their scout to a unit that meets their moral standards, cough cough, they are going to destroy two units.

        The parent that started this is one of those that asked why the cub scouts don't go to the local conservation club for youth day, we can't because cubs can't shoot rifles or shotguns and you could take your scout on your own. Goes to the IH and complains we arent active enough....really??? When asked to plan or chair the event they are too busy or some other excuse.


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          What is a bible thumper?



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            I understand your feelings and it really is sad that certain parents rather destroy an entire unit then to just move to another one that fits their own narrow views. IMO scouting would run a whole lot better without parents who feel they are allowed to be real PIA's just to get their own way.


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              Boy, you have a peach of a parent there, BD. IT sounds like he was calculating that it would destroy the two units ahead of the BSA vote. And he will probably quit scouting if the local option is enacted.

              What are the chances the COR takes no action until the local option issue is decided?


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                Just hope I can talk the COR back from the cliff....

                Lone scout program looks pretty attractive to me at this point.


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                  Just curious about a couple of things

                  1. How do you conduct "scouts own" services and teach scouts to be reverent using the term "Bible Thumpers"?

                  2. Trying to understand the adherence to safe scouting guidelines on shooting sports yet your units disregarded BSA policy on gays for the past 5 years.

                  Just looking for clarification


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                    A glimpse of the future, I'm afraid.


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                      You are probably right tcd.

                      At summer camp the white country and suburban folks can make fun of our ethnicity and sexual orientation.


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                        Well Packsaddle, I just got a survey and it's pretty much what you wanted:

                        1) Should the National Organization remove the BSA's membership restriction regarding sexual orientation?

                        2) Would this change to the membership standards affect your involvement in Scouting?

                        3) If there was no change to the membership standards, would your involvement in Scouting be affected?

                        4) In your opinion, what is in the best long-term interest of the BSA regarding the issue to remove the organization's membership restrictions regarding sexual orientation?

                        5) How are you affiliated with Scouting?

                        Question 4 was open and the rest were multiple choice. I suspect leaders are getting different questions than parents. Makes sense.


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                          MattR, that one does look closer to my suggestion. Here's the thing about these surveys: if BSA is trying to find a pattern or trend in the responses then everyone should get the same set of survey questions. The one I got was different from all of the ones I've seen so far in this forum. From someone who is familiar with 'meta-analysis', the more variables that are introduced into the data being analyzed, the more difficult it is to have confidence in any resulting pattern or trend that 'appears' from the analysis. If these surveys vary from council to council or region to region and on top of that, as you suggest, the leaders get different ones from the parents.....there is little about this process that make sense to me.


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                            >>and then interpreting (more like mis-interpreting as every passage has dozens or more different interpretations) it's meaning to bend it to their beliefs..<<

                            How do you know? Is any kind of interpretation really the problem? Several folks on this forum believe the bible is nothing more than an over-interpreted history book. How would they know what is mis-interpreted?

                            From these definitions, I think most of us here are Scouter Thumpers.



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                              this is all adult stupidity.

                              the boys don't care that Mr. j is gay, of course we have never brought it up in conversation......But several of the boys have spent the night with Mr. j's son at a sleep over.
                              the next thing that is gonna get asked aren't you worried about scouts being at a gay mans house. While he is a member of scouting, I cannot control, nor should I, what goes on at home. My son has scout friends over to spend the night and play video games, not sure how that is different.

                              The boys just want to hang with their friends having adventures.....

                              Eagledad, I am a man who believes that Truth only exists in the moment an event happens......the second someone sees it and interpret it, to paper or speech the truth of what happened it tainted. Tainted by their station in life, education, and mood.


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                                Since we can't seem to create new threads ...

                                Happy PI day!

                                Makes me miss Ed.