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Paramedic pistol-whips partner

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  • Paramedic pistol-whips partner

    OK, I submit this for balance.

    ""Police say they were there for a Union meeting. Wright and Kilmer had an argument outside. It ended with Wright "pistol-whipping" Kilmer with his gun.""

    However we must consider several points here. They were at a union meeting and maybe the problem is the union driving their members into violent tirades.

    Or consider that the paramedic didnt shoot the pistol, but instead used it as a blunt instrument for defense. In this case the pistol was safer than a large caliber knife or concealed baseball bat.

    Ive heard that both idiots will lose their conceal carry license as a result of being intoxicated while in possession.

    They drink a union meetings?

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    If people can't play together well, they need their toys taken away and put in time out. It was a good rule back in Kindergarten and still applies to everyday life. If these bozo's missed class that day, they deserve what they get out of the deal. It's time people take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences of their criminal activity.



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      least he didn't pull the trigger......

      I wonder if the union hall is a weapons free zone????


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        Both were conceal-carry permit holders. Why the guy getting the crap beat out of him didn't shoot, shows even in a drunken stupor, some CCW holders can fall back on their training. On the other hand, the guy doing the pistol whipping, probably wasn't paying attention to relevant parts of the CCW lessons.



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          Gunpowder and booze should never be mixed. Doesn't shoot and tastes just awful!


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            It happened on my side of town Barry, but I think the rabblerousers infiltrated from your side. Keep your riffraff up north.


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              Union gatherings aren't welcome on my side of town, that's why the meeting was on your side. Now I know why.



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                Guns don't pistol whip people, people pistol-whip people.