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Planned Parenthood has record year

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    >>Does any other church have similar programs, other than to declare it a sin and move on? I don't see any orphanages around any more...


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      There aren't enough healthy American babies that are up for adoption. Most of the babies that would have been adopted at one time are now being aborted. That is why many resort to foreign adoptions.


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        Yah, I gotta agree 100% with Eagledad.

        While da pro-abortion folks have become fond of da tactic of querying pro-lifers on "what about rape?" because it raises hard issues, there are hard issues that go da other way, eh?

        What about parents who don't want to have girls, and so abort them? Are yeh saying that's OK, because boys are better?

        What about the dads? Shouldn't they have a say?

        What about kids with mild disabilities? Are yeh really saying it's OK to kill off the disabled?

        How about aborting because the child isn't smart enough? Doesn't look big enough to play football? Will be the wrong eye color? As we improve genetic screening, do we really want a policy of abortion on demand?

        American parents are gettin' older every year, eh? Gettin' married later, havin' kids later. Sometimes, they find they can't. I've known several wonderful, kind, generous couples who would have chewed off their right arms for a chance to adopt an "unwanted" child.

        It is a profound poverty to decide that a child must die so that you can avoid being temporarily inconvenienced.



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          So getting back to absolutes.

          Does a woman's right to have control over her own body entitle her to abort a fetus for having an undesirable gender.

          If it's always ok to choose. It's always ok to abort on ANY whim. Baby going to have brown eyes? Better abort. Baby going to be a girl? Better abort. Baby going to have subpar math and reading scores without extensive (and expensive) one-on-one tutoring because of some yet to be determined genetic identification? Better abort.

          The most disgusting, though, is the choice to abort based on gender. But folks ok with a woman's right to choose are being intellectually inconsistent if they don't think that fetal gynocide is A-OK.


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            Heck, I jumped into the gun issue so what can I lose by discussing abortion?

            So, I'm sure many will argue but I see the following as facts.

            First, OGE, abortion is not murder. Murder is a legal term. It is the unlawful taking of a human being with malice aforethought. Currently, since abortion is legal in the United States (most cases) it is therefore not murder. Also, a fetus is not currently universally recognized, by law, as a human being. You may argue that laws should be passed that define a fetus as a human being and making abortion illegal and thus murder, but presently it is not. Of course if abortion were murder, what does one due about a miscarriage? What about a miscarriage due to negligence? What is a pregnant 25 year old drinks a little too much and gets into a car accident and loses the "baby" - would that be manslaughter?

            Second, Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest single provider of abortions and it also receives millions in federal funding in which to provide other services. That pisses off many so called anti-abortion folks. Forget the fact that the use of federal funds for abortion has been banned for close to 50 years. Those funds does 'free-up" other funds for Planned Parenthood to possibly allocate to abortion (i.e. donations, fees, etc.). Kind of reminds me of government funding of education and the lottery system!

            Third, many avenues have been tried to manipulate this federal funding to Planned Parenthood tie. The Reagan "gag rule" trying to ban abortion counseling as an option was tried. Repeated attempts to defund the organization have occured.

            Fourth, Planned Parenthood provides over a million pap smears, 800,00 breast exams, 4 million STD tests and treatments and yes, nearly a quarter of all abortions performed in the United States. For many women, it is the family doctor.

            Now, opinions. Planned Parenthood seems to me to be one of those "bogeymen" that some use as a rallying cry to garner support for their cause. Yes, I believe there is an extremely small number of women who use abortion as a contraceptive procedure - that is a problem.

            I really think the vast majority of folks want to minimize abortion. The question is what is the best way to do that? Make it illegal? Provide free contraception? Provide sexual education to our youth? The problem is, their doesn't seem to be a unified approach. What I find sad is that many look at this topic emotionally and not analytically. The same folks who seem to want to outlaw abortion don't want the "Government" (i.e. public schools) to educate our sexually mature youth (capable of having children) about pregnancy and sexual matters. It is a nasty conundrum.


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              BS-87, there is a logical solution to these issues. Let the mother exercise her right to choose abortion but don't quite just yet abort the fetus. Allow a live birth, have the state raise the child up until the time it can really make an informed decision to see if this brown-eyed, math impaired girl will be a burden or an asset to society. Hey, she may be a Beyonc and "keeper." Of course, if she is not, well when they execute her, please do it behind closed doors so as not to upset those of us with weak constitutions for such thing.