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Need more guns. Is it local?

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  • Need more guns. Is it local?

    I've already confessed that my anti-handgun wife now wants to get a handgun, training, and a license for conceal and carry. Since that time, I have heard several close friends (more women than men) say the exact same thing. These are folks that four weeks ago wouldnt even consider a hand gun in their house.

    But last night just blew me away. Our close liberal friends that we hang out with called and invited my wife to attend a conceal and carry class that they are organizing themselves. This is a huge class. These are my liberal friends who were just a few months were lecturing me of the dangers of the population carrying hand guns. I must say, they are only enhancing my opinion that liberal decisions are reactionary to feelings of the moment.

    I will be honest, I dont know what has changed their liberal minds because I havent talks to them yet. Im still shaking my head. We are getting together for New Years Eve, so I will see what I can learn and pass it along. But I personally know of at least a dozen folks who are going to attend a conceal and carry class with the intention of getting a hand gun. Is this local? Are any of you folks seeing the same thing?

    By the way, Im not one of them. I may take the class with my wife out of curiosity, but I havent felt any desire to get a handgun for additional protection. I guess Im just not as reactionary.

    Strange times.


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    My wife had about zero interest in guns for more than 20 years that I knew her. In the past I had suggested she learn to use a handgun I have "just in case" but she wasn't interested.

    So imagine my surprise when about 2 months ago she went into a sporting goods store and came out with an LCP and is now getting a concealed carry permit. I had not said a thing to prompt this decision--I was totally floored.

    Now, national statistics show that gun ownership has continued to decline...but anecdotally I have heard of a lot of people acquiring guns who had not had them before, and people who already have guns getting more.

    I believe it's just a statement on society, and a realization that a cell phone and 911 isn't sufficient if you are in imminent danger.


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      Barry, I believe beav answers your question about why liberals now need guns in the other thread.

      "Intimidating fellow citizens they disagreed with or assisting in redistributing wealth would, I suppose, be optional. "



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        I have no idea how many people here in PA have guns.

        I spent most of last week with a group of guys who belong to one of our DOC Specialist teams (Our own SWAT type team, Hostage Rescue team or sniper team. - I was the only member of our Hostage Negotiation team!)
        These guys, most are ex-military know guns and I trust them. In part because they stand behind me at times when I trying to talk someone down and I don't have a lot of choice in the matter.

        We were out near Harrisburg PA.
        A lot of the guys made it a point when we got out early, to rush to Atlantic Tactical a store that sells all sorts of tactical equipment, uniforms and of course guns.
        I'm not sure if anyone bought any guns or not.
        Most of the guys returned saying how expensive everything was.
        A few said that they had looked at some rifles including the Bushmaster M4A3 14.5" Barrel Carbine.
        The store only had a few left in stock and it seems that the salesman was pushing really hard to make a sale. Telling them that come the new year these would no longer be available.

        I'm not sure why anyone might need such a gun.
        Here in PA, I've only had to deal with the odd deer, raccoon and one bear.
        Maybe they know something I don't?


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            Not around these parts, Eagledad.

            Though da effort to encourage women to shoot has been payin' off for several local clubs. They do women-only events and training, and market to professional women. Lady attorneys and da like. That's been a growth area for a half dozen years or so. To my knowledge, it hasn't accelerated recently, but it definitely continues. Women don't respond to their guys tellin' 'em to learn, but they do get interested when other women invite 'em along.



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              Lots and Lots of people in Pennsylvania have guns, we love them, Guns and Our Bibles, we sort of cling to them...

              Local TV station has several reports about gun sales being up, Carry and Conceal permit applications are up, availibility of bullets and guns down


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                Yes Beav, in my case all the women I've mentioned came to their change of mind without any encouragement from men. But I'm also seeing men who I would have never thought would want a handgun looking for one now.

                I'm not sure it's a gender thing, but seeing this number of women change their opinion has certianly alerted me to a possible trend. I was just wondering if it was just a local thing, which appears it probably is.



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                  I'm in Illinois and we don't have CCW (yet - the court gave our legislature time to pass a CCW law) but I have spoken to a couple of people who had no interest in guns who said they were thinking of getting a CCW and a gun. When I asked them why, they said it was because they were afraid. When I asked them what they were afraid of, they said they were afraid of the people that would go out and get CCW permits. They didn't see the irony in that at all.


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                    True story:

                    Back in the days when I was building houses (you guys remember when we used to build houses?) I got really ticked when one of my framing crews didn't show up. These guys were all from WVa and were all brothers/cousins of some degree. Tried calling all day and never heard from any of them. Next morning I was waiting for them when they showed up at the job site.

                    "Where the $)()^%%#$#&! were you guys yesterday?"

                    "Well," the big one answered, "we took our grandmaw to her concealed carry class but when we got there there weren't enough folks for them to put on the class. So we all stayed and took the course so memaw could get her carry permit."

                    I was speechless. These guys weren't bright enough to make that up, so I just mumbled something about working late and trying to get caught up. Gotta love them West Virginia boys.


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                      I teach the NRA pistol course to Crew members. The course I have scheduled for Jan has 2x as many adults as Crew members who will want the extra hours for CCW. Of the adults there are 4 husband and wife couples, and several adults who do not own guys yet. The course is ideal to not only learn about guns but to shoot several types before you buy.


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                        Kinda frightening to think that there are so many people carrying out in the public.

                        My feeling is that 99% of them will have no idea the conditions under which to pull and fire that weapon and no understanding what a off target round can do.

                        To kill another human (or any animal for that matter) a certain level of ruthlessness is required. I doubt that most people have that in them.

                        Given that the most likely scenario is a CQB, it is easy to imagine that most CCW holders will be easily overwhelmed by groping for their weapon, and end up getting killed by their own pistol.


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                          I think you might be mistaken on several counts, WasE61. In general, state laws require a person to particpate in a class before being allowed to carry a gun. A very large part of the class time is spent learning when it is legal and ethical to use a weapon. Any instructor worth a darn will also impress upon the students the potential danger of a stray shot. When my son studied martial arts, his teacher spent much time on how to avoid or get out of trouble without resorting to violence. It is always better to run away, if possible, and live. Violence should always be the last chance option. I believe most permit holders understand this.

                          I don't think it takes ruthlessness to pull the trigger, whatsoever. It takes courage, and a sense of knowing you are doing the right thing. I am a guy who does not hunt, loves my dog, and stops my car to save turtles in the middle of the road. Hardly ruthless. Would I use a weapon to save myself, my family, or another person? I have no doubt that I could and would. I also know I would be overcome with a terrible feeling of remorse at having taken a life, even justifiably.

                          I believe the vast majority of permit holders are everyday, normal folks. You will never know they carry. I have yet to hear of a legally armed citizen who caused an innocent death due to an errant shot. Could it happen? Sure. But if that happens because some thug put that citizen in a position where his only hope is to defend himself, I for one know where I will place the blame.


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                            "I have yet to hear of a legally armed citizen who caused an innocent death due to an errant shot."
                            Incorrect. Dozens of times each year hunters shoot and accidentally kill themselves or other persons.

                            I have to express my disappointment at this time. This was supposed to be a season of celebration. The tragedy at Sandy Hook was terrible. And before that many thousands of people were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. This season, Christmas really, was colored by these disasters and tragedies, not to mention other tragedies which did not make it to national consciousness. I had hoped, nevertheless, that we could celebrate this season in all of the various ways associated with different faiths and traditions, and both enjoy the warmth and comfort of family and friends while remembering all of those whose lives have been ended or destroyed by these tragedies and disasters.

                            But then I watched...instead, as forum members chose instead to squabble, even on Christmas Day, about, of all things, GUNS!
                            During this time of celebration of life and love and family and friendship, we couldn't even go 24 hours without obsessing about things that kill. It's really sad.


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                              Obviously, accidents do occur with guns, as they do with automobiles and bannana peels. But we have banned neither cars nor fruit.

                              My reference was to innocent people being shot by an armed citizen acting in defense of himself or others. I am not saying it has never happened, but I don't recall any cases. Living in Detroit, I often hear of unarmed innocents being killed by thugs with evil intent.