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How many troops can a scout be in at one time?

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  • How many troops can a scout be in at one time?

    Our troop has a scout that is currently listed in 3 troops. This scout is causing numerous behavioral problems. His parents said that they would be leaving our troop and have not actively participated since June.They have however, not done the paperwork to remove him from our roster. Therefore, this scout is still eligible for any financial assistance (for camp, outings,etc) from our troop which he keeps requesting. How can we resolve this issue?

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    I'm a bit confused here. If this scout isn't active, why is he requesting financial aid?

    Secondly, there are steps you can take to suspend his membership in your troop.

    Finally, as far as I know, financial aid from a troop is not a right.


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      If this Scout has left your troop, then he has no right to ask for financial aid since he isn't active with your unit. In most units I work with, the policy on financial assistance requires the Scout to be active in the troop and participate actively with fundraising activities of the unit.

      A Scout can be registered in a Troop and a Venture Crew at the same time. However, this Scout in question must make up his mind which troop he wishes to be part of and transfer into that unit, inform the other units of his decision and request record transfers form the other units.

      Multiple unit registration will be caught at recharter time, for each troop should ensure that the membershiip on the charter is accurate. The rosters at the council aren't updated unless: 1) a application is submitted for membership or transfer (the new application has a place for transfer). 2) charter renew, and for adults, a change of positition application. Most times, the council isn't notified of such changes without the paperwork.


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        Your post was too sketchy to get a clear poicture...How many troops is this scout registered in? If he hasn't completed paperwork then he is still a member of your troop until the charter expires. Do you have written rules concerning monies from fundraising? What do the rules pertaining to these circumstances read? Why would you want to prevent him from receiving financial assistance if he is entitled to it? What behavioral problems is he causing if he isn't active in the troop? What position in the troop did his parent's hold?


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          Have your COR give the scout and parents, in writing, a notice stating the troop will not support this tri-registration and will not be supported until resolved by the parent what troop this scout will be registered in.

          Advancement: This creates a nightmare if he is a patrol leader in a troop and tries to go to a board of review in another troop. How about a SM conference in one troop and the board in another. Lots of confusion there.

          I'm not sure how many of us could hold our same positions in another troop or district. This must some super scout.


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            With the advent of ScoutNet, a boy should only be regidtered in one troop. The reason is, now every member is given a unique and pernanent membership number. In the past a new number was generated each time you registered. This unique number is there to create more accurate record keeping of membership, advancement and recognitions. Although the scout can participate whith a nother unit (forinstance his parents are divorced and he spends time in two different towns) all recordkeeping shold be done through one troop.

            Just because he is registered doesn't mean you have to wait for paperwork to take him off the roster. If he is as disruptive and does not participate as you say the charter organization rep can remove his membership. Just because he asks for aid does not mean it must be given.

            Look at the scout as an individual and do what you feel is best.

            Bob White


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              Thank you all for your responses. It gives me area to consider. The scout in question was our senior patrol leader until he was verbally abusive to several other scouts. His activities were documented, however, his mother was currently our SM and no action was taken. (She has been asked to step down and a new SM is in place)In March our Board brought in Council to try and resolve these issues. At that time it came out that this scout was also in another troop. I am unsure of the exact date that he joined a third troop. I do know, however, that for summer camp our troop paid $40 for each scout, to assist with cost. This scout recieved money from our troop as well as a second troop (possibly a third) to go to camp. This was not found out until after the fact. Since prior to camp the scout had not been attending and has not attended since should our troop have to assist him? When his parents were asked to remove him from our troop roster they responded that they would not. By remaining on our roster this scout has remained a financial responsibility to our troop (badges, pins, camp, etc). This boy is getting all the paper benefits of being a troop member but not attending or supporting our troop.


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                A boy may be registered in a troop as a boy scout. He may also belong to a Venture Patrol within that Boy Scout troop. He may also join a Venturing Crew outside of his troop. The term "Venture Crew" is no longer valid. The correct term is Venture Patrol. The term "Venture Scout" is also no longer valid. Members of a Venture Patrol are Boy Scouts. Members of a Venturing Crew are Venturers. Don't feel bad. Most people screw up these terms.


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                  It is not the parents that approve or disapprove removal of their boy from a troop roster, it is the COR. Even if one of them was, and I stress was, the SM. Just because the parents object should not prevent the troop committee recommending to the COR that this boy be removed. In my opinion, since finding out about his triple-registration, I would suggest he be removed from your roster.


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                    Holy intergalactic transharmonic convergence Batman...

                    Bob White and Yoworski agree on a topic?

                    I guess Judy Tenuta was right, not only could it happen, it did...


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                      OGE, as they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

                      I'll leave it to others to interpret exactly how that applies here, as I run quickly in the other direction, under my assumed name.


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                        As other posters have noted, membership is not a right, and the COR can remove any member, scout or adult, from the unit. If this is the intention of the new SM and committee, then this really should be done in writing, whatever the reason. I would also send a copy of the letter to the council executive. As far as I know, council will not automatically correct its rosters until rechartering time. The fact that dues were paid and the youth's name was included on the rechartering document does not mean that the youth is automatically a member of that unit for the rest of the year just because the parents say so.

                        As far as financial assistance for camp is concerned, the information is a bit murky. If the boy was considered a member of the troop and went to camp with the troop, then I would think that whatever policies were in effect at that time would apply, regardless of the boy's current status. If he was removed from membership with the troop prior to camp, and did not attend camp with the troop, he is out of luck, IMHO.


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                          Everyone seems intent on denying membership and financial support to the boy in question. I have to ask a couple of questions. One, does your troop have written policies regarding discipline, membership and providing money for camp? Two, did the boy and family participate in the raising of funds and have you kept accurate records of such participation for all boys and families?

                          The money might justifiably be considered his if he participated in good faith. I always feel it is best to grant support based on the effort boys put forth. I have had scouts from families of modest means pay for all of their camping fees through their own efforts. If you don't credit the boys based on their effort, there are likely a number of scouts getting a free ride. I would think about that before I got too worried about a few dollars from the treasury going to this scout.

                          The second concern I have is that I have seen a number of boys quit scouting because their parent was replaced as scoutmaster on less than friendly terms. To what extent is the controversy there fueling the dispute about this scout. I have seen a number of scouts that have been deemed severe behavior problems in one troop succede in another unit. It is best if there is someone who can mediate the dispute and allow cooler heads to prevail. The COR and/or UC is always where I would start first. Seek an amicable solution if at all possible.


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                            Lots of routes can be taking to guide, mentor and build leaders out boys even boys that are not so well behaved. Can be trying and difficult but Scouting can really be helpful to a problem youths life. While it's easier to simple discard a boy and it may well come to just that. Consider good things can happen. With guidance even unruly boys can be molded into decent leaders, isn't that one of Scoutings objectives.
                            "Can a Scout be a member of more than one Boy Scout troop at the same time?" Plenty of Scouters some long involved with the program make matter of fact statements on this topic saying "Of course not" and some Say "Of course you can". But just what is official BSA policy on this? Does anybody know a title source with page number and verbatim text that can sited?


                            • Blaine Dutch
                              Blaine Dutch commented
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                              Scouts certainly can be and many are registered members of more than one Troop!
                              I know of several Scouts that are. When I found out about the other boys I called the Council HQ because I thought that would work quite well for my Sons situation.
                              They responded in a rather routine tone about it, and said to simple write "Multiple" on the top of the app. for the additional Troop.
                              They said that one Troop would be listed as primary but that it really had no bearing on anything, such as, Scouts could still do rank advancement with either or both Troops.
                              They went on to say that although it maybe simplier to maintain rank advancement with only one Troop it is not necessary, or in anyway required.
                              That Scouts in fact have no limits on the number of Troops that they can be officially Registered members of. They can simultaneously be a member of a half doezen troops and do one rank advancement with each one, all the way up.
                              Also that Scouts are covered by the BSA insurance weather they are offically registered with an additonal Troop or just participating with another Troop as a guest or visitor.
                              Being that the Troops dont have there own indvidual policys, the Insurance policy is through the council and BSA, so it is all the same policy that is a lid over all Troops and Scouts in the Council.
                              They actually think so much about Scouting they feel the world might be an even better place if every boy was so active in Scouting as to be envolved in multiple Troops!
                              At this time my older boy has been a registered member of two Troops for about three years.
                              By virture of acquaintances and other programs has gone on overnighters with six other Troops, so far.
                              Being envolved with multiple Troops and the many extra opurtunities it has afforded, has been quite the blessing.
                              At this time about midway through his Scouting career he has132 "Scout nights under the stars".
                              Also it's been a good experience to see how each Troops run things and the differances in SPL methods.

                            • Blaine Dutch
                              Blaine Dutch commented
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                              Seriously! Why would it matter to anybody if a Scout was a member of more than one Troop. Enthusiasm should be welcomed. Some Scout Leaders get a bit overzealous as if there running a little cult and if somebody is attending elsewhere also it's like they are cheating on or betraying the first group. Any perceived problems with Troop registration can be easily worked through and now is easier with Councils improved central record keeping As far as individual rank advancement goes Scouts are noncompetitive and no minimum rate of rank advancement is required and yes some boys will earn rank more diligently. Please keep in mind it is only a youth activity. Albeit a quality youth activity designed to help enhance youth. Why Throw up road blocks to hold boys back. It is opposed to the main goals of BSA for adults in Scouting to be be looking for ways to limit leadership opportunity's for Scouts.

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                            You guys do realize this thread is 11 years old, right? Old Grey Eagle has passed away, Bob White got p-o'd about something and left years and years ago and Yaworski was outted as conducting sham debates with himself posting under multiple user names. Yes, this is a picturesque bunch!


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                              lol! That is so funny/

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                              Proof that some things never change?