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too many patches, not enough uniform

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  • too many patches, not enough uniform

    My daughter is a second-year Brownie. She will bridge to Juniors soon, but before that happens, I need to sew on a bunch more patches, and her uniform is full. The front is full and the back is full. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking about making her a camp blanket or poncho where she can display the rest of her patches. What do you think?

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    I think a patch blanket would be a fantastic idea! You can also try sewing them on a fleece jacket or vest. It makes for nice outdoor wear and dries quickly if it gets wet.


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      I'm not familiar with GS. Are they supposed to actually wear every patch they've ever received?


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        What about adding the sash? That gives you more real estate.

        Otherwise we've pinned patches over the tops of others...sewn them on the bottom of the uniform so they are only held on by the tops.

        (Girl scouts are different from boy scouts/cub scouts, in that "fun" patches can go on the back of the uniform or sash versus being displayed on a red vest.)


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          The girls love the patches. It can be a really social thing comparing patches. The Girl Scouts have a lot of creative, imaginative, and pretty patches for the scouts.

          Supposed idea, but girls want to.

          Where to put em. How about a tote bag. They make them in Canvas and I've seen some troops decorate and put names on as an activity. (I think Michaels and JoAnns Fabric sell the for next to nothing) I think they are canvas or heavy linen or something.

          By the rock for sewing all those patches on! I know your daughter appreciates it.

          Good luck and have a super day,



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            Canadian Girl Guides and Scouts Canada members use patch blankets. I've been to several international events with Canadian kids and adults and their patch blankets are quite neat. Some have even been cut in the middle to create a poncho type thing. The members can use them as a blanket on their bunks/sleeping bags if they get cold or wear them over a jacket as a poncho to add warmth.

            I have 1 friend that has over 20 year of patches on her blanket. Both sides of her blanket are just about full. A patch blanket always seems to start up an intersting conversation between two Scout/Guides.

            My vote would be go the blanket route. Get a nice moderate wieght piece of polar fleece or buy a nice twin bed sized blanket and use it. Just make sure that what you buy will stand up to sewing and use and lots of washing. Some materials are better than others.


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              I can't really add much here as others have beat me to the camp blanket idea. They're so popular else where that they have their own group on Facebook: My Camp Blanket ROCKS!

              Seriously. So, if you have a FB account, look it up and you'll find a lot of photos of camp blankets, both GS/GG and BS.