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Would you do readyman for the 3rd time?

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    Originally posted by Sidney Porter View Post
    I think the issue is units attempt to combine AOL, cross over and even blue and gold into one event. So the lines become blurred between the AOL and cross over.
    Once one gets into these grandiose ceremonies to hype accomplishments, it will certainly rip on those boys that have spent 5 years in Cubs and come up a pin short, kinda like running out of time for the Eagle candidate. 18 years can handle it better than 11 year olds.

    So if one doesn't get finished with AOL before Blue Gold they don't get it? What happens if they earn it later, yet before they turn 11?

    So they don't get an AOL ceremony, but they get the patch? Fortunately the Troop can do a cross-over for him.

    Try and remember, this is for the boy's, not for the convenience of the adults.



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      Originally posted by King Ding Dong View Post
      The math is eluding me. If he has completed 5th grade he can crossover regardless of AOL. So the fact that he can't recite the oath and law are not preventing him from joining correct, just no AOL?

      Exactly this is JUST for AOL

      and to my PLEASURE the boy cracked down Sunday and was able to do ALL requirements for AOL. I did mentioned to him that these are things you should ALWAYS know!!! I do kinda blame this more on the Leadership of Webelos than really on him.


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        Your question, and the whole conversation, centers around Readyman; you're missing something. Your scouts, and the Boy Scouts involved, will gain much more than important first aid skills. Your program exists to prepare these young men for Boy Scouts. The Webelo scouts will be interacting with, observing, and learning from, Boy Scouts, in the field. Don't under value the experience of simply participating in a troop activity.