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Will the Academic and Sports program survive another year after all?

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  • Will the Academic and Sports program survive another year after all?

    The Cub Scout new program transition document ( states that boys who begin Webelos I this year (which includes my son, so this is not just an academic issue for me) will have the option of either continuing through to AOL under the old program or transitioning to the new program next year.

    While I think that the new program is probably better overall and I'm certainly leaning that direction, I want to have a discussion with my den's parents and the other Webelos I den so that we can try to all be on the same page.

    So my question is this: they say that the Academic and Sports program is going away as of June 1, but then they say that we can stay on the old program for another year. Since a huge proportion of the Webelos Activity Badges that they boys would need to earn through that second year require AS belt loops, would they not logically have to continue to make those available for sale through to 2016 so that those boys can in fact stay on the old program?

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    Well, well, well that is new. Didn't see the revised announcement. They finally listened to the boots on the ground. Logic is not a hallmark of Irving so don't count on them being available. Loops can be earned but do not have to be awarded. Buy them ahead of time if you are concerned. I am in the same boat as you and my thinking is by that point the webs will be in the tab uniform, visiting troops and not all that interested on showing off cub bling.


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      Agree with KDD. The belt loops my boys earned as Webelos went straight into a drawer. They were a waste of money. Earn the loops on paper but don't worry so much about the bling.


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        Thank god they wised up and changed the transition plan. I am a bit concerned that I won't be able to get the awards from the scout shop for my boys completing the Webelos Program.


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          I assume they are going to or have stopped manufacturing them and we will start seeing then in short supply. If you want them but them now.


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            Or but them tomorrow. ^___^

            A BSA store manager dislikes me intensely. I could express an opinion one way or the other and she would set me straight, citing chapter and verse.