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  • Tiger Track Beads

    Hi All,

    Are the Tiger Track Beads supposed to be given for each 10 individual electives that are completed? For example, electives 1-10 earn 1 bead, and if doing 1 elective 10 times earns 1 bead?

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    I'm a bit fuzzy on the tiger book, but I believe that is correct.
    I seem to remember one for model making, that my son earned a few times over....
    Read the section of the book at the start of the electives section. It'll tell you.


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      That's correct. Last year I was told to encourage all our Tigers to work on different electives but if they duplicate some, they still count. 10 is 10 and you get a bead


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        So, an overachieving scout could technically get 48 yellow beads?


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          I'll say I've never seen a rule against that. Although, wow, that would be insane to wear on their uniform (maybe insane is the wrong word, I try to be PC whenever I can but that's quite excessive in my opinion.) Especially if it was the same thing...480 times? The highest I ever saw was 5 in our group (we had so much going on, doing 50 of the things, even with a couple being duplicates, was a feat.)

          I have to ask out of pure curiousity, do you have a scout that has earned a very large amount of elective beads?


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            From the Tiger Cub Handbook - "Boys may do electives more than once and count them toward a Tiger Track bead each time they are completed."

            So, technically, the number of beads a Tiger could earn is unlimited.

            Which elective did your Tiger complete 480 times?


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              That would be insane. None of our Tigers have "earned" these beads yet because they have not completely finished the achievements. However, I do have a couple that are going through the electives like wildfire. I just wanted to make sure that I should be "counting the paws" (we use scouttrack) and not just the number of electives.


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                We had two scouts Wolf year, "earn" a high number of elective arrow heads.
                1 had 7 silvers + the gold
                the other had 5 silvers + the gold.
                I'm convinced the moms went through the books and pencil whipped it. One of the electives was to present something to the den or pack. It never happened..... so I asked about it. She read from "her" book something entirely different than what I was seeing. OK fine, she says it happened..... it happened!
                then the funny thing.... neither one bothered to sew them onto the uniform!


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                  We've seen some of the same, blw2. I had a parent turn in quite a few beltloops in a very short period of time. The ones which required showing something, I asked her to bring to the next meet before we gave out what was requested at the upcoming pack meet. Somehow all the projects/presentations were 'lost' in that time period. She never brought it up again but went on to work on others. I really don't understand the concept of fibbing about what was done for the sake of the 'bling.' I'm a parent and a den leader, I love seeing my son earn something new - the key word being earn (and thankfully he understands that as well.)


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                    I find it a bummer that they don't do arrow points for Tiger Electives. The beads are lame since you often don't get the rank patch until late enough in the year that you don't wear them long. My son earned 4, the other boys 1, and a few were 1-2 electives from the second.

                    For what it's worth, my recommendation to future Tiger Den Leaders was to give out the elective beads as earned to encourage the families to do electives with their Tiger Cub, since the point of the Tiger Electives is to prepare them for Cub Scout Electives.

                    Apparently, "back in the day" there were arrow points for Wolf/Bear/Lion and they all went on the uniform. Not including the Tiger ones seems a legacy from when Tiger Cubs wasn't "full Cub Scouting," but now it is.

                    Given that it looks like Arrow Points are disappearing in 2015, it's probably all academic.

                    The Boy Scout Troop was making "fobs" for their beads, and my son was with me when I was meeting with the Committee Chair. He nicely asked for one, put his name on it, and we moved his Tiger Beads over to it. Trying to convince him to ditch the Wolf/Bear "advancement towards rank" plastic chain and put all his beads on the belt and tidy up his uniform so all his bling shows... but it's his uniform, not mine.