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scout looses home to fire

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  • scout looses home to fire

    Hello guys, Last night one of my tiger cub families lost their home to a fire. Have any of you had something like this happen in your units? what type of response did you guys give as a unit? Once i found out it was one of my boys i started looking for donations. I also spoke with our DE about anything that the district/council could do for the family. She was going to bring it up on a council wide conference call this morning.

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    Not personally in my unit, but a co-worker of mine had it happen in his unit.. From what I remember, exactly as you are doing.. Donations.. I think they may have given some tangables, but not until they found out from the Family where they were staying and what they needed.. Families in this situation do not need tons of stuffed animals.. Pots & pans only good if they get a place they need to do the cooking. If staying with relatives or in a hotel, that becomes extra clutter.. Clothes.. What sizes do they need?? Food, cooked meals may be good.. Maybe a grocery card is the best.. Otherwise, If staying with relatives, include food for all.. If they have no way to cook food, don't buy raw materials they can not cook & prepare..

    They do not need to be piled with unwanted junk when they have no place to put the junk.
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      One thing that I remember from a person who lost everything in a fire is that they also "lose their identity". By this, everything that told them who they were and their value as a person was is now gone. All the photos, memorabilia, etc. no longer exist. Everyone is quick to jump in and help with the physical needs, but there are lasting emotional needs as well that need to be addressed.

      I would suggest the troop take up a collection to provide him with another round of scouting items that reassures him that he was and is a vital part of something important. That might be just as important, or maybe even more important than the 15th casserole showing up at the hotel door.

      Remember one can't always see all the scars.....



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        jblake has a good suggestion.. And also as he points out.. If you are doing casseroles.. Coordinate them so everyone doesn't bring in a casserole on the same night.. Hotel rooms may not have a refrigerator, or if they do it is very, very tiny.. 15 casseroles on the same night is again, unwanted junk.

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      Definitely remind friends to collect any photos they have of the family.

      I had a friend who shortly after relocating his family to a new city had a total home loss. His pastor (and his wife and kids) put them up for a couple months until things got sorted out. This wasn't an out-of-the blue kind of of donation. The two families had become friends for several months, so they had a good idea of the personality issues that might arise going in.

      So just make sure someone is keeping an ear to the ground to know what the real needs are.


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        Should've kept the house on its leash.


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          It appears that they already have a place to stay. there was a house offered to them to move into (not sure permanently or temporarily, but either way they have shelter. Our community has turned out in droves with donations of toys, games, clothes and other items. someone brought over a TV and a PS2 and you could see their faces just light up. pots and pans and beds have been pledged as well. Our DE put out a request to other scouting units as well.


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            Then if you add to this, just money or gift cards to groceries.. I would think.. The tangent offerings sound like they have already gotten out of hand. They will now have 80 pots & pans, toys galore etc.. They soon will be able to open a 2nd hand store out of the place they are staying at..
            But, there will be little things I am sure that will forgotten that the cash/gift cards will help with.. Perhaps dish towels and dish lotion, or a butter dish, salt & pepper shaker etc..
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