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Correct pocket knife for Bears?

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    Any suggestions on how to work with the real knives at school ? Just thinking of the logistics. Our den meetings at right after school and I suspect the district would not look kindly on the boys even transporting them on the bus even if they turned them into the office in the morning. Might have to collect them from the parents the meeting prior when they pick the boys up. I am also a little uneasy using the knives without the parent present.


    • blw2
      blw2 commented
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      If I were meeting at a government school, I would make that den meeting off site. Find a park someplace......
      Make the parents in charge of bringing the knives, and require that parents be present and actively involved for this den meeting.
      That's what I'm going to suggest to our DL.

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    I carry a pocket knife all the time and I've been on school property and no one ever has questioned it. I don't take it out of my pocket so no one knows. However, I do carry more weapons in my pocket than my ineffective pocket knife. A handful of keys makes a rather formidable "brass knuckle" if all those keys stick out from between your fingers. And of course, one quick jerk of my belt and I have a garrote with an 8 oz lead buckle on one end. The pencil in my pocket can do as much damage as a pocket knife,

    The last time I got caught with my pocket knife was going through security in the Parliament Building in Ottawa. They took it along with my finger nail clipper, dropped it in a bag, put my name on it and smiled and said, I could pick it up on my way out. He did make a comment about how cool it was I carried a Boy Scout knife.



    • King Ding Dong
      King Ding Dong commented
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      There is a difference between and adult having their knife and a 3rd grade boy. Students are not allowed to carry knives, for good reason. Maybe it is just an issue in the urban areas. I can see rules being more relaxed about them in the rural schools.

    • perdidochas
      perdidochas commented
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      When I was teaching science in a middle school, I almost always had my leatherman in my pocket. I found it useful to do a lot of different things. Most of the kids kniew I had it. One day, the school resource officer (a deputy sheriff assigned to the schools) told me that I had been "turned in" by one of the girls in my class for having a knife. He told me that as long as I didn't use it on a student, he had no problem with it.

      I've lost a leatherman micra to TSA. When I went into our local courthouse with a knife, the security guard took it, and told me to pick it up when I came back, which is the way it should be.