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Burned out with Pack Camping

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    Five (or more) overnight campouts for Cub Scouts is way, way too many, particularly for the younger grades. One Family Camp and Summer Camp (day or resident, depending on age/maturity level) is plenty. I'm with BD on this - if no one will help, forget the Pack-wide campouts. Focus on your Den.


    • Renax127
      Renax127 commented
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      Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I've asked them to find someone else to be assistant CM and I'm just going to worry about my den. I won't be going on any more pack camping trips.

    • jblake47
      jblake47 commented
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      I can totally understand your burned out feelings. But it would be good to let the Pack leadership know how it happened and why you have pulled back from Pack level support. In the long run, you just might help enough people understand and make some changes so that others won't follow your lead and the Pack collapse due to lack of adult leadership.

      I know a lot of organizations that have this burn out problem and they spend a ton of time recruiting new people in to replace the burned out people and they never really fix the problem! The burn out people just walk away leaving a hole for the recruitment chairman fills and this destructive cycle continues on once more.

      Don't cover symptoms, go for the cure.


    • scoutergipper
      scoutergipper commented
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      The single biggest problem facing the Cub Scouting program in my area is the lack of Adults who will do anything. I know several Cubmasters who are essentially running the program by themselves (they are typically also a Den Leader). We just had the entire leadership of a local Pack quit all at the same time - just abandoning not only their own sons, but everyone else's as well.

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    Renax -- so how much longer are you under contract to the pack? Are the penalties for cancelling the contract early steep? Are there performance clauses? Unless you are Cubmaster, committee chairman or maybe pack outings or camping chairman, you have no obligation to take on all this. Just say no and let the chips fall where they may. Apparently there are 149 other parents who are already doing just that.

    Read your OP to the Cubmaster and Committee chair. Explain to them that you will be responsible only for your Webelos den. Or better yet, that your den will be going on Webelos den campouts in the future and won't attend the pack campouts at all.

    Just stop. If the spring campout doesn't happen, it is not your responsibility and you shouldn't feel bad about it in the least. Take your Webelos camping instead. THAT is your job.


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      Interesting thread, thanks for starting it Renax127!
      Planning to bring this very topic up at our committee mtg this week. We too, need deeper support for the parents

      Also the side trail about number of trips per year is good. We usually do 4 to 5 trips.....
      mix of 2 (maybe sometimes 3) state park type reserved site trips where the pack provides the food. We're lucky enough to have a guy that loves to stand in front of one of those towable pig cookers all day and smoke meat...
      we try to do 1 council camp such as cub-o-ree, but the pack still does food
      and 1 trip, not really camping, more of a sleepover - we did Patriots Point last year and slept on the USS Yorktown.
      I'm actually thinking the catering does tend to be a little much, and it might be good to reduce this, but it is nice focus and a good way to encourage getting together as the group.


      • blw2
        blw2 commented
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        I was thinking more about the earlier comment that 5 trips is way too much....
        For our pack, it's the trips that make scouting fun. The kids have fun at the meetings sometimes, but there is a lot of "book work" in there and some only so-so stuff too.
        The trips are the adventure.... the things they look forward to.....

        And, if you have only one camping trip a year, what happens to those families that have a conflict that one weekend? They just don't get introduced to camping. I think having multiple trips gives options, so it's not so bad if you miss one.

        As others have said, they don't really need to be a big production. Some hotdogs, chips, a camp fire, and some good camp chairs for the grown-ups. Let the kids see what a tree is planted in..... DIRT!

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      I feel ya Renax. You have to know your limits. If you're topped out take a camp off. Let everyone know in advance you can't make that camp so they can plan accordingly. Use the weekend to plan a really cool Webelo Den camp out. You're almost out and they have to start looking for new families to take over. It might be they'll step up when the opportunity becomes available.


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        We had a once a year pack campout at the end of the school year and it's generally the same people setting up, Lately with all the activities, I've found that rather than have people sign up and not be there when needed. I'd have one or two leaders with me that knew what needed to be done and then When it's time for something, like cooking the burgers. I walk to someone standing around, hand them the spatula and say time to cook. then I delegate at the moment whatever else needs to be done to someone that's just standing around. Nobody has ever said no.


        • jblake47
          jblake47 commented
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          I have always taken the signal that hands in their pockets means they are volunteering for something. Works just as well for boys as it does for adults.